9 Steps to Save a Layout That's Not Working

Do you ever get started with a layout and you just can't get things to work? It can be a super frustrating place to be. Here's a list of steps to take when this happens to you.

1. Make your photo bigger or smaller. I often work with photos in a similar size and changing that up can spark some creativity.

small photos on digital scrapbooking layout

2. Change kits. Even if you have to delete a lot, sometimes I find I've just picked the wrong kit. Or do a random search on Pixel Scrapper for the rest of the graphics you need to finish.

3. Know your go-to fillers. There are a few elements and steps I rely on heavily to create my layouts. Knowing what I like helps me to identify what's missing so that I can feel good about my layout.

4. Make an element list from another kit. Look at a layout you admire and make a list of the elements they include. Search for these for your own layout.

5. Make your photo black and white. Sometimes it's hard to match a photo (or especially multiple photos) to a digital scrapbooking kit. Remove this hurdle by making things black and white.

black and white photo digital scrapbooking layout

6. Decide if you want to go all in on paper layers, or all in on elements. I usually pick one or the other and don't use much from the category I don't pick

7. Start over with a layout template.

8. Switch your background paper. If it's busy, switch to a cardstock. If it's plain, try something with more going on.

white background digital scrapbooking layout

9. Add layers behind the photo, whether with papers, paint or elements, don't just put stuff on top.

Do you have any tricks that work for you when your stuck?

9 Steps to Save a Layout

Recent Comments

Claire Grantham
Claire Grantham Sat, 06/12/2021 - 22:22

Great post. I am a big fan of the kit change. It generally works for me. Sometimes I need to change the template and not the kit!

Tina Shaw
Tina Shaw Fri, 06/11/2021 - 06:22

Along the lines of #2 (and since I'm a designer as well), I've been known to make an entire kit for a layout! Hahaha! Great tips!!!

Tiffany Bodily
Tiffany Bodily Fri, 06/11/2021 - 06:17

Awesome tips! Another thing that I sometimes have to do is take a break from that layout. Sometimes I start a new layout with completely different pics and kits or sometimes I take a break from scrapbooking that day and take a walk or do something else. There are times that I just can't force creativity and I always want my scrapbooking to be fun :)

Linda De Los Reyes
Linda De Los Reyes Fri, 06/11/2021 - 00:52

Good post - I've been known to completely delete everything besides my photos when things don't feel right. When it doesn't feel right, it's often because I just didn't choose the right color paper. So, most of the time, I'll just try a single background paper for the photos, then add more papers from that same kit to ensure that the color scheme and patterns go together.

Some of the time, I just don't like the placement of my photos. That's when a layout template helps me get through the "wrongness" of the layout. And yes, I agree - it can be as easy as changing the sizes of the photos as the layout template directs.