5 Digital Scrapbooking Trends in 2024

By Marisa Lerin Wed, 02/28/2024 - 22:00

As a digital scrapbooking enthusiast for over a decade, I've witnessed and adapted to the remarkable evolution of this art form. My personal style has grown and changed in tandem with industry trends and global influences. As we move through the year, I'm particularly excited about several developments and ideas in digital scrapbooking. Here are five key trends and personal interests that are shaping my creative journey in 2024.

1. Embracing Mixed Media Digital Art

The world of mixed media digital art is easy to find, bringing together diverse artistic mediums into what I see as a lot of fun. My inclination towards mixed media is fueled by its inherent 'rule-breaking' nature. This style allows me to explore a 'messy' yet artistic approach, challenging my traditional views on layout design and encouraging a free-flowing, imaginative form of expression.

digital scrapbooking kits

2. The Rise of AI-Assisted Designs
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way we create art, offering almost boundless possibilities in digital expression. My initial attraction to digital scrapbooking was driven by the freedom it provided - the ability to create my own supplies rather than being limited to what's available in stores. AI takes this freedom to a new level, enabling the realization of any conceivable design idea with ease and precision.

3. The Timeless Appeal of Vintage Elements

Not a new trend, but something I'm personally interested in, is the inclusion of vintage elements in my designs and layouts. It’s a beautiful way to blend the old with the new, paying homage to the history of scrapbooking.

digital scrapbook layout

4. The Convenience of Digital Planners
Planners have been trending for a while now, and you don't have to go physical to enjoy this trend. Digital planners are more than a passing fad; they represent a practical and stylish approach to organization and creativity. My digital planner has become an indispensable tool, and I'm eager to explore and integrate more features and designs as the year unfolds.

digital scrapbook layout

5. The Charm of Digital Notebooks
In the past I have loved paper scrapbooking in notebooks, which I always found to be an intimate and focused way to scrapbook. Even though For the time being while traveling I have transitioned to exclusively digital crafting, but I haven’t had to abandon the beloved notebook format. Digital notebooks offer a compact and thematic space for scrapbooking, allowing me to maintain a clear focus on specific themes or stories.

As I continue my journey in digital scrapbooking, these trends and personal interests not only shape my creations but also reflect the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of this art form. I look forward to sharing more of my adventures and creations with you as the year progresses.


My January 2024 Digital Scrapbooking Update

By Marisa Lerin Wed, 02/21/2024 - 22:00

Digital Pocket Album
I'm thrilled to share that I'm embarking on my tenth year of creating a digital pocket album. It's become such an ingrained part of my routine that I hardly give it a second thought anymore—I simply keep moving forward. You can read about my digital pocket scrapping process here.

digital scrapbook pocket page

digital scrapbook pocket page digital scrapbook pocket page

Reflecting on the enduring success of my weekly pocket albums, I pinpointed two key practices that have been instrumental in sustaining this project. First, the use of a consistent template eliminates the daunting prospect of a blank canvas. Although I might shuffle elements around, I'm not burdened with selecting a new layout template or staring at a blank page each time. This consistency removes a significant barrier to creativity. Second, breaking down the process into manageable tasks—editing photos, arranging them in the layout, and adding decorations at separate times—ensures progress despite the constraints of a busy schedule. I am now trying to apply these principles to my other projects as well.

Memory Planner
I kept up with this memory planner for all of 2023 and I'm looking forward to going through it again. Again, it only takes small amounts of time. Every morning I take a few minutes to write down what I did the days before. At some point I will choose the photos for the day and load them onto the daily page. And then at another point I will add decoration to the pages.

This is the digital planner I'm using, and you can read more about digital planning here

2024 Memory Planner-5

2024 Memory Planner-18




On This Day Journal
I've really been enjoying my On This Day Journal as well. I have set up a travelers notebook template that I use, and then I will occasionally browse my photo archive for photos from the current day in the past. Then at some point after bringing the photos into the TN template, I will decorate the pages. It's really fun to look through a month and see all the different things I have done through the years. (This is the template I am using, slightly modified. I haven't released my monthly notebook yet because I am working out the kinks, but if you are interested in using it and testing it out, leave a comment below.)



MM 01-21-2016


Other Journals

While I might not always mention it, this year marks the sixth anniversary of my line-a-day journal, maintained in a Google Docs spreadsheet. You can access the template here. Additionally, I cherish a poetry journal filled with favored poems and a Tea Journal where I document moments of tea enjoyment.

Journal Poetry-23

Tea 01-25-2014

Tea 01-08-2017

Do you have any projects that you love to keep up with?