November & December 2023 Digital Scrapbooking Update

By Marisa Lerin Wed, 01/17/2024 - 22:00

As the year comes to a close, I'm proud to say that I've achieved a significant milestone in my 2023 goals. Reflecting on the year, it's really lovely to browse through my memory planner and weekly pocket pages, which capture all the experiences we've encountered. This year has been full, making it an ideal time for such memory-keeping endeavors. It's astonishing to think about where we started the year, and where we find ourselves now as it draws to an end. Luckily I have all these lovely scrapbook pages to look back on.

Memory Planner

This is the digital planner I'm using, and you can read more about digital planning here. I did manage to create a mini scrapbook layout for every day of 2023.

2023 Memory Planner-15

2023 Memory Planner-59

2023 Memory Planner-62

2023 Memory Planner-65







Digital Pocket Album
Finishing up the year in my weekly pocket album. You can read about my digital pocket scrapping process here.

digital scrapbook pocket page digital scrapbook pocket page

digital scrapbook pocket page digital scrapbook pocket page

digital scrapbook pocket page digital scrapbook pocket page

digital scrapbook pocket page digital scrapbook pocket page

digital scrapbook pocket page digital scrapbook pocket page

digital scrapbook pocket page digital scrapbook pocket page

On This Day Scrapbook
In December I created quite a few pages for my "on this day" scrapbook, where I look back through my photo archive and pick a photo from the same day but different year. This is a nice project for when I want to make a casual layout just for fun. And it's also fun to look back through all the photos from previous years!

I'm using this notebook for this project.

digital scrapbook layout

digital scrapbook layout

digital scrapbook layout

How To Organize Your Digital Scrapbooking Supplies

By Marisa Lerin Wed, 01/10/2024 - 22:00

In honor of the New Year I thought it might be time to revisit a favorite topic of digital scrapbookers, organization.

Did you know we have over300 responses to the question, "how do you organize your scrapbooking supplies"? And while some of this can be chalked up to personality differences, I think the real issue is that it's a nearly impossible task. I know this from my personal experience of trying to organize my own supplies. It's so frustrating and time consuming that I've finally given it up. I'd rather spend my time making stuff than constantly be thinking about and moving my digital stash around.

What has helped me to give up my own organization system is the fact that I was able to build to be a much better organization and storage method than what I could come up with on my own. I used to organize my stash of templates and graphics on my computer (all the stuff I use for designing). But it quickly became clear that this was a difficult task and my own results weren't that great. It was so much easier to just search for whatever I needed on that I eventually stopped my own system altogether. To repeat myself, I don't store any templates or files for designing on my own computer. I just search for what I need when I need it.

search quickly and easily for whatever digital scrapbooking kit you need

Whether I'm working on designing something new, or decorating a layout, I basically just rely on at this point. The ability to search for whatever I need, and actually find it, saves me so much time. Plus I don't have to spend any time organizing it in the first place. Our hardworking upload helpers have made sure that everything you need is uploaded individually and ready to be searched for wherever you need it.

When I'm working, I search for what I want, download it, use it and then delete it. I'm not only saving time with this method, but also hard drive space. My iPad has basically zero storage so this is a very important factor when I'm looking at digital scrapbooking supplies. And if you've ever had a hard drive go bad, you know the pain of that (we've had lots of sad posts in the forums about this as well). At we worry about backing everything up so you don't have to.

(You can watch my scrapbooking process in one of my many Watch Me Digi Scrap videos.
They include me looking and downloading on

It may seem conceited for me to be here telling you that is great, since I did create it. But I think the truth is a little more subtle than that. wasn't conceived as a money making business, but created by me to indulge my great passion for digital scrapbooking. Everything you see here was designed to make the hobby better and easier for me, and then it became clear that it was helpful to other people as well. But the reality I think is that since is basically a part of me, I use it in a way that may not be apparent to others. So I wanted to share a little about my own creative process here and hope to inspire you to spend a little less time organizing and a little more time creating. If you haven't tried our unlimited download subscription yet, please give it a try. I think you will find that it can free up both your creative time and your hard drive.

Video Transcript:

Hi there! This is Marisa, and today I have a new Watch Me Digi Scrap video for you. In this video I am using the Fresh collaboration which is available at It's from a couple years ago, but the colors are really lovely and I thought they would go well with the photos of my newborn that are available this week.

So I am just scrolling through the papers online and downloading the ones that I want.
Sometimes I just like to browse that way, rather than downloading the whole bundle first. And now I'm also taking a look at the pocket cards that were included, and I'm downloading those. So I'll actually put those in first before I do my papers, just so I know what holes I want to fill with these nice cards.

And once I have those sorted, I will start adding the papers in the background. Once I have my papers settled in the background, I will start adding in the elements on top and
I will browse for those on as well. There are lots of great filters in the sidebars, so you can easily browse through a particular bundle like this, and you can filter for papers, or for elements, or by color, or you know whatever you're searching for.

So I often find it easier to search online than just browsing randomly through a large bundle like this on my computer. So that's what I am doing here.

Thanks so much for watching this video. If you enjoyed it please give me a thumbs up and if you'd like to see more please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Have a great day!

How To Organize Your Digi Supplies