The Good Life: December Bundle

The Good Life: December Bundle

Kits in this Bundle

  1. Warm N Woodsy Quick Pages
  2. The Good Life: December Elements Kit
  3. The Good Life: December Calendars Kit
  4. The Good Life: December Stamps Kit
  5. The Good Life: December Mini Kit
  6. The Good Life: December Greeting Cards Kit
  7. The Good Life: December Art Prints Kit
  8. The Good Life: December Pocket Cards Kit
  9. The Good Life: December Print Kit
  10. The Good Life: December Styles Kit
  11. The Good Life: December Papers Kit
  12. The Good Life: December Alphas Kit
  13. Warm N Woodsy Solid Papers
  14. The Good Life: December Carols Kit
  15. Warm n Woodsy Papers

Individual Items In This Bundle

  1. The Good Life- December Elements- Tinsel Button Mint
  2. The Good Life- December Elements- Tinsel Button Green
  3. The Good Life- December Elements- Tinsel Button Gold
  4. The Good Life- December Elements- Tassel
  5. The Good Life- December Elements- Tape 5

Example Layouts

  1. Exploring Dollar Glen
  2. Snow and Henna
  3. Hot Chocolate
  4. Old House Tour
  5. House Surviving Another Winter

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Amanda Read
Amanda Read Fri, 12/30/2022 - 06:24

Fantastic colours. Thanks so much and all the best for 2023

Leslie Suddenly
Leslie Suddenly Thu, 12/30/2021 - 19:53

Such a great collaboration, Thanks so much

Marla Filoso
Marla Filoso Sun, 05/02/2021 - 08:47

❤❤❤ Love it ❤❤❤

Angelhaze Digiscrap
Angelhaze Digiscrap Fri, 04/02/2021 - 19:23

Thank you very much for this big sharing.❤️❤️❤️

Debbie Phelps
Debbie Phelps Tue, 03/16/2021 - 23:36

a great collection! thank you!

Ayelet Avia
Ayelet Avia Wed, 06/24/2020 - 08:56

thank you

Grace James
Grace James Sun, 01/26/2020 - 19:05

Thank you so much

Gwen White
Gwen White Tue, 01/14/2020 - 08:44

Thank you!

Teri Kimbrell
Teri Kimbrell Thu, 01/02/2020 - 22:59

Love this kit!!! Thank you.

Monika Makurat
Monika Makurat Thu, 01/17/2019 - 09:40

Thank You :)

Samantha Stevens
Samantha Stevens Tue, 01/15/2019 - 14:19

I just love these monthly planner kits!! You ladies are so talented! Thank you so much!!!

Mayte Toledo
Mayte Toledo Fri, 01/04/2019 - 03:02

Many thanks for this valuable gift, this has been the free package of my choice, it is a wonderful new year gift !! I love your work, thank you for your generosity. Happy New Year!

Renee Diprose
Renee Diprose Sat, 12/15/2018 - 15:53

LOVE the colors! Thank you.

Olga Pisarenko
Olga Pisarenko Fri, 12/07/2018 - 05:50

Wonderful bundle!! Thank you!

Christine Harrison
Christine Harrison Tue, 12/04/2018 - 15:01

thank you for sharing merry Christmas

Shannon Maguire
Shannon Maguire Tue, 12/04/2018 - 07:37

Wow, such an amazing bundle! Thank you!

Mat Talmadge
Mat Talmadge Mon, 12/03/2018 - 08:30

Awesome and wonderful, thank you!

Beverly Turner
Beverly Turner Sun, 12/02/2018 - 13:52

Wonderful, Thank you!

Jaa Moka Voir
Jaa Moka Voir Sat, 12/01/2018 - 22:04

I'm loving on this color scheme. Gratitude ladies.

Deb Andrew
Deb Andrew Sat, 12/01/2018 - 18:51

Thank you.

Angela Jorczak
Angela Jorczak Sat, 12/01/2018 - 12:25

Fabulous....Thank you so much!!

Deanna Patterson
Deanna Patterson Sat, 12/01/2018 - 09:59

Awesome. Thank you.

Catherine Giaferi
Catherine Giaferi Sat, 12/01/2018 - 04:49

Merci pour ce fabuleux kit.De belles compositions en perspective !