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Solid Paper - Opinions

I was wondering what your thoughts on solid color papers were? I usually make some that coordinate with whatever palette I'm working with, but I don't often upload them to the site because I feel like they're really easy to make. However, I'm totally happy to upload them if people are interested. I suppose one way to find out is just upload some and see if anyone downloads them. But if you have any other thoughts on the subject, I always like to hear about people's personal preferences, since I'm just going on my own which may or may not accurately reflect everyone else's.

I download every single solid, even though I can easily make them. I like having them as part of the kits.

I prefer solids over patterned paper.
So please Marisa, upload them. smiley

I like them in the mix, too many patterns can get overwhelming and I also like them with textures.

ofc you should smiley I always use solids that comes with the kit smiley Don't think i ever done solids to a kit myself (apart from my own kit) smiley

I like solids in a kit, I wouldn't download them 'on their own', but as part of a full (or mini) kit I need them to balance my designs (that are mostly way too crowded). I could make them myself, but I want them to have the same 'structure' (overlay) as the rest, so they don't stand out.

I really like access to the solids within the kits color palette already there for me to match the patterned ones I use... but I usually like my layouts more simple with a "flair" than all dynamite and fireworks. smiley not all of us are designers, so making papers aren't necessarily that easy when you're in a hurry to make a layout quickly. smiley i'm a math right brained person... so not a creative left brained talent like my hubby. smiley he says i know photoshop better than him, but that's just "rules & steps" i have to follow to create the layout... maybe I'm a tad lazy too... ha ha

I prefer to work with solid colors that the designer has included, because usually they have some feature to them as well, such as scratches, fading, grunge, texture, etc. I need the solids to balance the patterns. My suggestion would be to upload the solid papers, too. Please.


I agree, I like a variety of solids...especially within kits to help balance out patterns.

I like solids - helps to balance out all the patterned papers out there. I especially like the textured solids (be it kraft paper, linen, grunged solids or what not). I hope you keep making them!

Well! You'll be seeing lots of solid papers now! Just remember that you asked for them smiley !

You know, I often use actions where I could just as easily perform the steps myself. I think that applies to your question too. Just because I CAN make a solid paper doesn't mean I want to or have time to for every kit I get. I say upload them! smiley

Solids are great, I use them.

i like solids with a bit of texture or grunge. thanks for the wonderful solids!

I use solids often and especially like it when they are with a kit, already coordinated for me!

I love them too! I don't design myself, so I really appreciate the solids.

Maybe you should bundle it in min kits and stuff so people wont think they just got a useless download...

I think that solids just complete a kit. Patterns are great but many times the solids just bring it all together.

I only put patterned in blog trains. There are enough people that make solids or I can make it myself.

I don't design either, and I totally need solids... I never know what to do with all the brightly patterned papers, and it's great if there are some solids to balance them!

I certainly like solids - not on their own but as part of a kit. They help to ground everything and bring everything together as a whole kit.

i agree ,its easier when there are solids that match the kit. its easy to make them but when your in the middle of making a layout, it just seems bothersome.

I'm with the majority, plains please.

Like you, Marisa, I would leave solids out because I figure they are so easy to make if someone wants them. But, then, I realized that all the elements I make don't work with all the patterned papers I did. So, I have to put in a couple of solids, at least. Sometimes, though solid, they may have an embossed pattern or a grungey overlay.

Even if the papers don't get used as papers, they can make mattes and/or other elements, cut outs, etc.


I like the solids - especially if they have texture or a grunge look.