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I was addicted to Pinterest before it was cool! LOL!!! I use it for a lot of work related stuff as well as personal things. I'm not sure how to link my page, we'll see if I get it right. If I did, you can follow me here.

yes, you did it right Penny! I started following some of your boards smiley

Hi I'm Bianca and I'm a pinaholic!!
I've been pinning for 2 years now... and it's not getting old!!
I'm so glad they've put up a note that you've already pinned something because I pin so much I forget haha

Follow me here: Bianca on Pinterest =)

Thanks for sharing ladies!

Yes, I've used the secret boards for a while now. My daughter got me into pinterest, including the secret boards as she has been Maid of Honor in two wedding this summer, and one last year. The bridesmaids and mothers have used a secret board for each of them. One down and another to go for this summer.

We also used one in planning my parents 50th last year. Excellent source for those special occasions!

Anyone can follow me here ( I haven't been pinning much lately except some tutorials I have found on different techniques for my scrapbooking.

I'm also a big Pinterest addict. It appeals to the digital hoarder in me. I love to categorize and collect things, and with the help of an external hard drive, I indulge.

I don't know if others have experienced this as well, but I have to limit myself. It sucks up time so quickly!

Michelle Wilwand has a couple of large boards with page and layout inspirations.
I've been following her for a long time.

Mel Stampz has a really big printables board, but she also has a lot of other really inspiring craft/art boards. She has her own freebie site on Flickr too.

I'm following Tracey Tilson too. I know she already put here info on here, but her boards really are great resources, everyone should follow her!

If you just want pretty art to look at, Madeline Tompkins has links to a lot of her illustrations, and so does Abigail Halpin.

Everybody that follows Ruth Yeaman loves her because on her recipe boards she will write really thorough reviews for all the recipes she's tried. And she doesn't sugarcoat things!

Oh Pinterest! I am so addicted! What sight makes you want to go work out to coming home and baking some weird oreo brownie cupcake concoction!? But seriously I have found so much useful stuff on there! You can follow me here

I've been avoiding joining Pinterest because it looks just like the thing that I can spend hours doing...but I may have to break down and join so I can see everyone's boards. I never thought a scrapbook website would force me over the edge.......arghhh

@Emily Silverman, I just had the best time with my last 20 min of naptime quiet time looking through your Friday Funnies board! Hilarious!

@Tiffany, glad you enjoy it! I love pinning to that board. I find some really stupid funny things on the internetz, especially those autofailcorrect ones. Those are a hoot!

be welcome to follow my boards on my pinterest

You are welcome to follow any of my boards on my Pinterest! smiley

I don't get chance to spend as much time as I would like on Pintrest as it can be really adictive, but I do post some of my finished cards and tags on there along with other stuff that takes my fancy when i get a chance smiley

I love love love pinterest ,it has taken over my life ,,in fact at the minute I am so busy searching for ideas on pinterest I don't seem to be crafting as much !!

I agree, Pinterest can keep you busy for hours and hours.....!

I thought I had shared on this post already but I guess I didn't. I'm here:
I'd appreciate a visit:)

Yes - I'm totally addicted to pinterest as well. I'm here:
One of my favourite boards that I follow is I love this board for inspiration

I use Pinterest and if you would like to follow me you can find me here

I love Pintrest. I am fascinated by abandoned houses and Pintrest has let me connect to a whole lot of other people who have the same thing. I really enjoy dipping in there and having a look at different ideas and things to do. As a teacher it is a valuable tool!

I love Pinterest, but I sometimes lose hours upon hours just looking at everything. I don't visit it very often because of this. However, whenever I am in need of a little inspiration, whether it is for knitting or other crafts I head right over to Pinterest.

You can follow me HERE.

I love Pinterest. You can all find me here smiley

Oooo I love Pinterest too!!!
I think it's like shopping..... but you don't have to pay smiley
I get lots of inspiration from all the pinners!

Here's mine: Pinterest You can follow me if you like smiley

I don't belong to Pinterest simply because I know me and would never get anything done ... e v e r .... lol .... but I do follow others pages and I find it is an easy way to research a subject through google because it is visual and makes it simpler to look for things when somebody else has done the work for me

I am following you now here is mine if anyone is interested i loaded up all my scripts and scraps there smiley And my FTU items.

@Chantal: Love your definition for Pinterest!

Thank you Lorien!!

Love Pinterest! My designer page is here but I my general pinterest page is

Lots of great pintrest boards to follow, so many to go true and check out. It little late now so I will check them out later. My pintrest: