What program do you use to digital scrapbook?

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What program do you use to digital scrapbook?

I got into digital scrapbooking a few years back and have been using Storybook creator. Creative Memories is going out of business, and the software is switching to another company, and I'll either have to switch to be able to use my Creative Memories content should something happen to my computer, etc., or eat it and move to another program.

What programs do you guys use, what are the costs, what do you love about it and why?

I've recently read that photoshop will be switching to a subscription basis if it isn't already, so it's really out of my budget. I will soon be a stay-at-home mom and I need something that isn't going to make my poor husband have a heart attack over the price! Lol.

Hi Shannah,
I have Photoshop and PSElements10. I started using the full version but now only use elements because it seems easier to me. Elements has everything that I need as a scrapper and as a sometimes designer. I haven't upgraded even though there are 2 more recent versions. From the comments I've seen, neither one of the new ones is an improvement over 10. Check it out!

PSP X6 Ultimate (or, Paint Shop Pro)

I find it's a good program, and it's AFFORDABLE (under $100)... The downside - there are not as many resources, tutorials & classes out there for this program as there are for Photoshop. And there are a lot of cool "actions" out there (and styles & pattern files) that are made only for Photoshop so you find yourself sighing that you can't use them...

If you're looking to get into designing & possibly selling your work, you might want to consider Photoshop (even thought it is MUCH more expensive than PSP - it's several hundred dollars). Most of the designers in digiscrap land seem to use Photoshop, so you will find more resources, classes & tutorials.

I use CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6. It's super easy and they have great video lessons to learn. They have a proffesional version but they also sell a not to expensive student/at home version. Think you could find an even cheaper version if you look for the X5 version because X6 is the new and updated version of X5.

But maybe Photoshop has more tutorials but it's also far more expensive.

I use PSP version 8, I have been using that from the start, and I have learned it all through free tuts on the net, I agree there arent much actions for PSP, but there is always more than one ways of doing things. I have also tried my hand at Photoshop but I just couldnt get the hang of it, PSP works fine for me. smiley

I use PSP (Paint Shop Pro) X2 and also Photoshop CS2. I prefer PSP X2 to do most of my work but Photoshop I use for Actions and Styles.

I started with a free version of PSP9...now I use Photoshop.

I've seen some sales recently on PSE, check Amazon. There's lots of tutorials online for PS and PSE, but it's probably going to a large learning curve coming from what you use.

For an easier to use program that's pretty cheap. I say go with My Memories Suite 5. It's a great program, if you're strictly a scrapper. I have it free since I sell at their store, and I let my kids use it on their PC. I use it to make my templates for their store and it's a breeze compared to my PS. It's only $40 and you can find codes everywhere online to get $10 off with a bonus $10 in free product. If you go to my blog, you can grab a coupon code. http://kianafitzpatrickdesigns.weebly.com/blog.html

I was using CM SBC as well. I waited for the dust to settle a little and did finally change over to Panstoria. The I found the software very affordable and I like that you have have 2 downloads or two separate computers where before we could not. I have not noticed any difference in the Panstoria program from CM program and am glad I don't have to start over using a new program smiley

Terry: I switched to Panstoria. I just couldn't deal with the idea of losing all my Creative Memories kits! I have like, 200. Lol.

I use Craft Artist Pro, when I want to do something quickly, or PS if I want to spend more time working on things, and create my own elements or papers.

i use cap2 so easy to use x smiley also if you join daisytrail, there is a free basic download to see if you get on with the program,ok you wont get all the effects but it gives you an idea of what the program does x

I started out using Elements 10 and now I use Photoshop CS5 smiley I got to say that I love this one better smiley

Hi Jiovanna,

I have to say that I downloaded some of your kits yesterday, I really like your work.

I have both PSE 9 and CS5. I am very new to digital scrapbooking and hope to one day create my own kits. Since you have both and seem to like Photoshop CS5 better could you tell me does that program offer more options? I know PSE 9 is easer to learn, but if I have to learn a new program anyway, why not learn the one I will use for the long term. Also I know I will be able to upgrad to newer versions of PSE, but Adobe has now gone to the Creative Cloud and I don't know if I would want to invest in a monthly fee for the use of those programs.

Please let me know what your advice is.


I am using Paintshop Pro. It is affordable and can do all a scrapper needs. In addition, it can be powerful enough to do designing.
Even if you have Photoshop or Photoshop Element, some things can only be done in PSP, so if you have a chance to even add PSP to your graphic toolbox, consider it. Wait for a big sale, and take advantage of it.

I just posted an article on the Campus blog about things that PSP can do that other programs can't:

I've used every version of PSP and I love the program but I stuck with PSPX1 because it's easier for me to use I buy a lot of scripts which gets costly need to learn to make my own and I also use Lettering Delights,My Memories 5 which I purchased after falling in love with #4 and thanks to my son who goes to college for film and photography I started tinkering with Photoshop and elements there are a lot of free actions and styles around for these programs both are a bit costly but price wise I say PSP and My Memories 5 are good choices

yo estoy suscrita a adobe cc desde hace 5 meses y hay una gran comunidad con tutoriales gratuitos y las aplicaciones que te puedes descargar son todas muy utiles en este mundo tan digital yo me estoy centrando en fotoshop ilustrator y adobe premiere pro .

The following is translated to English:
I subscribe to adobe cc for 5 months and there is a big community with free tutorials and applications that you can download are all very useful in this digital world so I'm focusing on illustrator and photoshop adobe premiere pro.

Great programs. Adobe CS6 and Adobe CC or the cloud are very close. Adobe CC contains added shortcuts to cut down on your time.

I use PSE10.
I used PSE5 for 6 years, and only upgraded because PSE5 was no longer compatible with the updates to my computer. I had asked Adobe what to do with the error message I was getting. They sent me the update for free! I was amazed!
I really like PSE10. There is only one thing I wish it had (the ability to create custom shaped text boxes). But that is only a small bump in the road when it comes to the ability it does have.

I have only used the full versions of PSCS. Right now I am still using CS5 and CS6 depending which computer I am using in the house.

i started with pse5 - upgraded to pse 10 last year and have no plans to upgrade to pse11/12 . i will be with pse 10 until i cannot use it anymore as the new interface is just awful for me - not worth it even though i love the new things added to pse11/12
think i may need to check hte pse add ons that give more features

Many times upgrades to new software is to add new tools, shortcuts to something. I have always view this as am I going to use any of these, if not than the upgrade cost is not worth it. I always viewed that if it works for me than I do not need what is new.

Ditto Judy. That´s why I´ll stick to CS4 till I can´t use it anymore...

I use PSE9. I really don't bother upgrading unless something goes horribly wrong with my computer/program and I have to replace it.
I started out with 'Picture It!', which was already on my (very old) computer, in 2004--I couldn't add shadows or make QP's with it. When that computer went kaputz, the only other programs I knew about at the time were Photoshop, which was totally out of my budget, and PSP, which I had heard about, but also heard it wasn't as intuitive as PS (c'mon, what did I know? hahaha) A VERY nice friend gave me her old copy of PSE2, since she had just upgraded and didn't need it. I eventually upgraded to PSE5, and then to PSE9 (each time with a computer upgrade--thank goodness for extended warranties!).
I really like the ease of use. I'm not interested in designing, I don't have the time for long lessons, I just want to open some stuff, plop it on the page, and be done. smiley PSE is perfect for me!

Picture It! I have not heard about it for so long. I used it to make some nice layouts, but have not used it for years. Back than Photoshop did not have a red eye correction tool, so it would take a bit to correct. I would use the red eye tool in Picture It! The problem with Picture It! - it was limited by file size and resolution where Photoshop was not.

for anyone that uses both photoshop and paint shop pro -
does psp have layer masks like photoshop does?

Interesting to hear about all the different programs that are available.

PSE is quite powerful for it's price.

I used to use Paint Shop Pro 8 (for editing photos etc, as I didn't start digiscrapping until very recently), but now use Photoshop Elements 11. I'm gradually coming to grips with PSE by searching the internet for tutorials and other resources. One site I have come across is


which is absolutely brilliant. I've recently taken out a digital subscription to their magazine Photoshop Elements Techniques. Not only do you get the magazine every 2 months, but you also get access to all back copies of the mag, as well as a huge amount of video and written tutorials (and all for a very reasonable price). You can also purchase training DVDs through their store, and they have forums, etc., too.

I subscribed to it, it has some really interesting articles and they are not terribly long. I'm a PSE 12 user.

I started with Fireworks, because I used that program at work, and it worked great for me. When I switched to Photoshop CS2 I had a hard time first. And now I switched to a MAC two years ago, Photoshop on the MAC is mostly the same, but also a little bit different. But Photoshop works best for me now. It's just what I'm used to....