Layout Challenge - Use the "Wrong" Kit - Deadline Aug 14

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Layout Challenge - Use the "Wrong" Kit - Deadline Aug 14

The first challenge after one of our months of layout craziness always feels like a bit of letdown. Just one challenge? But I guess it can't always be layout craziness...

This week my challenge for you is to use the "wrong" kit, IE a Christmas kit for a photo taken in June. Or a baby kit for a layout about your uncle....Lots of kits are more versatile than we realize. So my intention is not that you use the theme-specific elements, but that you look for things that can complement your photo in a place you wouldn't think to look for them.

Sounds fun? smiley

The Details

  1. Challenge ends after August 14, 2014.
  2. See updated rules here.
  3. You must tag your layouts with these TWO tags: aug 2014 layout challenge, wrong aug 2014 challenge
  4. See entered layouts here.

I love it! Ooh, this gets the creative juice going. Gonna be tricky...

such a great idea!! very creative smiley

Sounds like fun! Now to get started...

This is a brilliant idea! I will try to make something for this challenge!

Very fun idea! I'm in!

sounds fun. must put my thinking cap on. smiley

I love this challenge! smiley

For my challenge layout I used the "My Tribe" bundle by Gennifer Bursett, which has an Indian and best friends theme. Since I don't have that many Indian themed photos smiley I didn't know for what kind of layout to use this bundle, so this challenge was perfect for it! I finally decided to use it on photos of a lunch I had with my mother and grandmother at a restaurant.
I used Kerry Dempsy's Steampunk kit talk about using the "wrong" kit but I love the way it turned out!

here's my layout wherein I used a winter-themed kit for pictures with the beach in the background, as the kids play chess

Interesting challenge! Here is mine--using pink and blue pastels for a Christmas-time layout. I chose it to pick up the blue in the windows and the pink/purple in some of the apparel and candles.

I used Sheila Reid's "No Tricks, Just Treats" bundle for photos of Valley Forge.


Here is mine! I had a ton of fun with this. I used a halloween kit from Bits'O'Scrap to create this beachy layout.

This kit ("His Story" from Forget-Me-Nots by Theresa Lindamood) is a specifically masculine kit. Most of the assets were not appropriate for these layouts; but the colors were perfect, and there were just enough flowers!

Super fun! Great layouts everyone.

What a fun challenge! I always love trying to do something unexpected with my kits so this is right up my street!

Reunited by Brenda Hollingsworth

Back-to-school kit meets Tijuana Flats smiley

I've used a Halloween kit called "No Tricks Just Treats" by Sheila Reid here on
In my gallery HERE

My first forum submission on PixelScrapper! WHHHHHOOOOPPPPPP. I used annusplace designs - live laugh love create kit. I don't think she had summer fun in mind when she designed it smiley

OMGosh, you´re rocking ladies! Please remember to live a link to your layouts somewhere on your posts, because when I went to coment on some of yours I needed to go to your profile, then to your gallery and then browse your layouts smiley It was worth the long way because they´re amazing, but it´s always nice to have the shortcut, right?

Edit: Also, I know you´re all putting your credits here, but it would be nice to put on the descriptions of the layouts too - because sometimes people see the layouts on the gallery long time before (sometimes I get comments on LOs I posted two years ago) and it may be difficult for them to found the challenge it was related with, to see what kits you used. And if you managed to use the kit from the "Wrong" things, it means it´s an awesome kit, right?

I always list the kit under "kit used" when I upload, but just went to check my layout above and realize that the named kit doesn't show up when you view the scrap. Anyway, thanks for bringing that to my attention, Lorien. From now on I will be sure to list the kit in the description. smiley

You have a point Dawn! I just made a feature request based on your comment. If you think it would be useful, go vote here.

I always add the kit name in the description of my layouts Lorien. I also reference the kit in the kit reference too. I'm a bit confused though because once I link the kit to my layout, I see at the bottom of my photo, "more kits using xxxxxxxx bundle/kit". When you tag the kit, it does show what you've used there. Is there somewhere else I need to put the kit reference? Thank you for your help!!

Here's mine!

Love this very well done smiley

@Judy: Now I am confused, LOL, because you are also right, in yours (and Emily´s) it shows the name of the kit. But Dawn´s doesn´t, and I dind´t have the brilliant idea to check on other´s layouts yesterday. Maybe she has a glitch for some reason?

When I upload mine, I wait to make sure the kit bundle shows up to ensure that I am tagging it correctly. I've had grammatical, or other issues where the kit hasn't shown up before, but it's been awhile since I've had issues with it, other than my own internet connectivity issues, that is.

I used Elif's Fairy Tale kits to do a layout about my nephew instead of the girly layout you would expect!

This one was a little trickier than it sounded! I used Marisa Lerin's "Pets" bundle to scrap a page about riding roller coasters.

Love the outcomes of this LO challenge. Apparently Marisa is right, lots of kits are more versatile than we realize! smiley
Here's a LO from me, I'm using Sheila Reid's space explorer bundle kit for my wedding picture.


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