Making A Torn Paper Edge Tutorial

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@Kay: I'm not sure how you would get two things in Photoshop to be on the same layer. If you drag something in, it should automatically go to it's own layer. Do you have your layer palette open? If not go to window --> layers to see it.

realized it was a question of being able to View things. Still have to learn how to use PS though. When I get stuck I really want to use my PSP. I will eventually get this. LOL


Love this, thank you!

Sounds so easy and looks great.

Fun and easy, thank you so much!!

wow! loved it! thank you!

Fantastic, thanks for the tutorial. This looks amazing!

I've tried it before and it's so easy to do, thank you for the tutorial smiley

Thank you, I'm going to try this in my next layout.

very good tutorial, thank you

I followed this tutorial and it turned out great

Thank you sooooo much ! smiley smiley

I just adapted this technique for PSE 11 -- I can't believe how easy this is! (The beauty of layers!)

Thank you!

I love the torn edge. Will download some tomorrow and experiment. Thank you so much.

Talk about being easy, I love it.
Thanks ever so much. smiley

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Pretty simple, thank you! smiley

ehy!! i didn't think it was so easy!! thanks!!:) smiley

Wow, thank you so so soooo much Brooke, that was an amazing tutorial smiley Thank you VERY much smiley I just tried it and it worked so well, was much easier than what I thought it would be. A million thank yous!

Simple and fun! Thank you.

I love torn papers!! I have seen the torn strip in the templates but didn't know how to use them. This will be so easy now!! thanks so much for the great tut!!

So much Easier than I thought it would be.

I also love torn papers! That goes on my download wishlist smiley Thanks for the tutorial!

I love seeing torn edges on scrapbook layouts. Thanks for this tutorial.

Ah ha! thank you that is a lot easier then they way i was doing it!

Thank you for the lesson!))))

Thanks! So much easier than I ever thought it would be! Thanks for the download too. I have always loved the look of torn paper.

Thank you so much for the tutorial and the template. It turned out so simple with your template. C-O-O-L !!!

This is brilliant! Thank you so much!