Resolutions for 2013

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Resolutions for 2013

The New Year is coming and that means it's time for resolutions! I don't usually make any official ones, but this year I'm thinking about making one or two. I started a thread here for scrapping goals, but I also have a personal goal to work on. I'm hoping to be more active this year, and I'm thinking about how to make this happen. I have two ideas to help make myself successful.

1. I saw on Pinterest the idea of a "tip" jar, where you tip yourself a small amount every time you do a workout. So I'm planning to tip myself $1 for every 15 minutes of exercise and that will be my shopping money. A little external motivation never hurt anybody.

2. Short term, specific goals always seem easier to meet than committing to something for the rest of your life smiley. So, I'm planning to set a specific workout schedule for January and commit to doing it for just four weeks. Then, I'll see how things are going and make a new plan. Also, keeping a log of how I'm feeling and weight/measurements so I can track how the project is going. It's easy to forget how you were at the beginning and feel like you haven't made any progress.

So that's my goal and plan of action for 2013. If you'd like to join me, we could start a thread sharing our daily actions (nothing like some accountability to keep you going). Also, feel free to share other goals and see if anyone is joining you in that!

I have stopped smoking last year January, and I wasn't that light in weight (about 90 Kilograms)...
But now I'm a bit... oké... a lot to heavy (108 Kilograms).
So I am thinking about making the resolution to loose a few kg's.
This year I couldn't lose the weight because of many changes and stress.
But now I want to try and go for it.

I think a tipjar is something for me to.
Maybe for every kg I loose, I can put maybe 2 or 5 Euro in the jar (have to look at how difficult it was to lose the kg, and at my finances at the time) .
And then... When I'm at round about 85 Kg's I'm very proud and also... rich!
Then I wil get a great gift for myself.

Thank you for the tip about the tipjar Marisa!

Great idea Hetty! I would do it in pounds rather than in kg. A pound gives you a quicker result and reward. Knowing myself I would get discouraged if it took too long to reach that kg. A pound seems doable smiley

For me it's an ongoing process I don't look at it as losing weight but rather as eating healthier. I avoid the word diet at all cost! I had an eating disorder when I was young and I know that if I would treat it as a diet it could tip me over the edge easily. So eating healthier it is. smiley

The tip jar is great! I've been doing that for a few years now. I dropped off my working out in November/December, but I'm trying to save up for a new flute, so that's motivating me to get back into it. It's slow going, but it's something! smiley

This may seem silly, but I need to get in the habit of putting things away/in their proper place ASAP. When I was in grad school, house cleanup took low priority and that was fine. But I need to put something away instead of just leaving it on the counter or floor to keep the house from getting too cluttered!

My other resolution is to finish everything on our home project to-do list. My MIL passed away last year, and we have quite a stack of boxes we brought from the house that we need to find storage for, including scanning tons of old family photos.

Mine is to finally tackle and eliminate the boxes of random papers in the attic. I've been tackling different organization projects every year and it's time!

I need to lose weight. Really. REALLY really.
And I lately got a new incentive: not too long ago, I asked my husband if we could have a fifth child when I have managed to lose 60 pounds. He answered he could safely promise me that, because I would never be able to do it smiley .
So I don't even know if I REALLY want a fifth baby, but HE THINKS I CAN'T DO IT???
HAH! I'm gonna show him smiley !

@Maja lol

Well, I need to loose like 5kg or so, but I can´t exercise due to my ankle, so the only way is eating less and better! I don´t really have a new year´s resolution by now, but, if I made some I´ll come back to tell you smiley

My resolution for 2013 is to become more organized. I have 5 kids, 4 of which are in school and one that has some special needs. This means I have a ton of paperwork and information and for the most part if I need something I can usually find it pretty fast but lately I've been having problems with this.

I saw somewhere (probably on Pinterest) that instead of making a resolution, you make yourself a 'word of the year.' For example, simplify, organize, fitness, healthy....any of these could be your 'word of the year.' And then, all year you work on improving that area of your life.

So I think 'organize' will be my word of 2013!

Maja! Sorry i find it funny too, but yeah, you go show him! smiley

i should learn to manage my time properly. That should cover EVERYTHING i want to accomplish. My time management sucks big time!

@Sarah; I did word of the year, in fact I did a class with Alie Edwards 'One little word'. You set your word for the year and she provides prompts, inspirations etc to keep your word going. There is a message board with the class where you can discuss your progress of difficulty to keep with your word and there are questions to answer monthly etc. Lot of fun and useful!
My word was 'create'. I didn't reach my goal, I did not create much I did the preparations but did not get to the actual creating. And create has meaning in more ways than art, it also meant for me, create time for myself, create a healthier environment in where I could heal(I have a chronic illness that disabled me), create more time outdoors in my wheelchair, finally create that throw I want to crochet for my daughter. Lots of creating. smiley Since I did not get there where I wanted to be I going to keep on using it for this year as well. So my word for 2013 will be Create.

My 2013 resolution and wish is to be able to walk down our driveway and back. I would LOVE to walk our dogs in our neighborhood. The neighborhood that I haven't even seen yet other than we drive through it in the car, and we lived here since 2006.
As I wrote in my introduction I have a chronic progressive illness. I'm starting a new experimental treatment and I hope it will work it's magic because it demands a lot of sacrifices. This treatment is only given in 5 clinics in the US and it involves twice a week infusions which means I need to live about a year away from my home. Plus I need to pay for the treatment myself which is a huge strain on our budget and with no guarantee that it will work. People before me have recovered up to 70% but there are also people who had no results at all. It is a medication that you will have to take for the rest of your life. The moment you stop you will be back at the point where you started from in a couple of months.

I have been thinking about it for 2 years, because of the living away from home and the strain on the budget, but my husband encouraged me to start, because frankly being bedridden and home bound 24/7 with lots of pain and no other human contact than my husband is not living at all. I hope I can keep being as brave as I feel now and won't chicken out.

Thanks for sharing everyone! I wish you all luck in the new year with your new goals.

Christine, good luck with the treatment! I hope that you have a miraculous recovery.

I really like the word of the year idea. I think mine shall be "flow" as in go with the flow, don't get uptight when plans change or something doesn't turn out the way I expect it to.

My resolution for 2012 was to hula hoop every day. And I stuck with it, I started a little before Jan 1st, so today is actually day 368! If any of you are looking for a fun way to exercise, I definitely recommend checking out hoopdance. It's the only exercise I have ever stuck with.

My goal for 2013 is to get more art/creative time in my schedule.

Happy New Year's to all!

OH I like the hoolahoop idea...
My biggest resolution is to get on track with my budget. I really fell off it last year and its time to get back.
I am Reading Dave Ramsey again and I plan to stick tight and save lots of money.

My 2013 resolution is to make no resolutions! smiley

Haha! A bit of a paradox Lizanne!

wow, the resolutions here are largely on money?
i'm not so keen on savings (i am a natural scrooge anyway), but my 2013 resolutions would be to make more money! hehe, but that'll have to wait till holidays after i finish major exams ><

@Marisa: I figure that's one resolution I can keep! *giggle* smiley

@Gina, I also need to make money this year, or it will be impossible to survive!

Can you please upload a profile picture? If you have any doubt just check our profile expectations here. Also, if you haven´t introduced yourself yet, please do it on this topic, so we know a little bit more about you smiley

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my husband and i both have chronic health issues. i ended up in the hospital for the 2nd time this year right before xmas to have a heart catheterization. for some years now i have been of the mindset that we both have a very short time left and we would probably never see grandkids (my dd is 24). the last week ive really been thinking what a horrible way to live. so long story short i plan on working on both of our health issues. im not setting huge goals like losing 50lbs or anything but i am going to start changing our eating habits etc and im going to for myself continue to work on my mental health and like my blogs name "finding a life worth living".........sorry lol kinda wrote a book there

@Shelly: I hope you lose the weight and won't have to see the hospital for anything serious in the new year. C:

My 2013 resolutions are organization, more time with God, be more disciplined, and a few other things.

Resolutions are dangerous things to make. I don't think I've ever been truly successful. If I were to make one it would be to try to be more motivated and not such a procrastinator.

I learned this last year that I love a good challenge so I've set forth the following challenges to myself in 2013:

  • 25 pounds to be lost
  • 50 books to be read
  • 100 projects to be completed
  • 200 things to be purged
  • 400 miles to be ridden
  • 800 dollars to be saved

I'll let you all know how I do!!! smiley

My husband and I came up with a common resolution: We will Blog everyday for 1 year and a day. It doesn´t matter what we´re going to talk about, it is to get disciplined, organized, to create a habit and to train writing and dedication. Doesn´t matter in what language too, but I bet we will use more Portuguese, our mother tongue. The blog for this project is here, but we still don´t have anything there:

Happy New Year everyone! And good luck with your plans for the new year!

Jessica - i like your resolution very much! Coz it's exactly what i need to do too. =P

Christy - wow, that's a VERY ambitious list. i'd never be able to do even half of that! But do keep us posted, yah... it'd be good to encourage one another!

2012 was a pretty good year to me until july. then things went downhill. Went in because i was having heart palpatations and found out my blood pressure was extremely high. so i had to go on pills. Found out I had cancer (cervical) which thanks to god. they were able to catch and fix. My 2nd to oldest son, after going on a vacation to me to washington state to see his older brother graduate and to see my grandbaby and daughter, decided he would rather live there. And decided to do anything in his power to do it. So I eventually for my own health had to send him. and My baby girl decided she wanted to live with her father who just moved to england. she left the day after christmas. So my new years resolution for 2013 is to try to figure out who Me is and not just a mom. 21 years of being a mom is hard to just stop.

Alright, alright... I finally came up with a resolution that I can work toward smiley - improving my health. Last month I started working toward that goal with visits to an acupuncturist, aqua therapy twice a week, and I continue to see my chiropractor on an as-needed basis. I'm hopeful that I'll be adding walking on the treadmill in the near future, too (my hubby got me a treadmill as a combined birthday/Christmas gift, and a pair of pretty earrings). Just waiting on the approval from my physical therapist. smiley

I am so hoping that 2013 will be the year that I stop having setbacks & my body (esp. my muscles) stops fighting me so I can get back to being "me" again. I am by nature a spontaneous person & like to go on day trips (or go away for the weekend) and have fun with my family... I haven't been able to do that for a few years now & I miss that. And my boys are growing up at warp speed it seems...

I need to start exercising more. But feel like I am still getting over Christmas Treats......I think I need to form a plan that will work for me....