FREEBIES PU and CU: Antebellum Press {JessicaD} updated 01/14/20

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FREEBIES PU and CU: Antebellum Press {JessicaD} updated 01/14/20

Latest Freebies for January

PS Jan 2020 Sweaters & Hot Cocoa Cluster Freebie

PS Jan 2020 Blog Train Sweaters & Hot Cocoa Mini Kit

Some Older Freebies...Download any of these from my website here.

Thanks! Looks great!

Beautiful work, Jessica! Thank you!

Thank you Kathryn & Robyn! smiley

Love it. Very pretty.

I love the papers! They are just gorgeous! Thank you!

A very cute kit smiley

What a wonderful kit! Thank you so much!

What a wonderful kit! Thank you so much!

Beautiful kit - it does remind me of my Grandma! Thank you! Thanks also for your gorgeous contribution on the blog train - couldn't find a spot to comment on your website. Very pretty designs!

Very lovely. I love the heritage feeling but with great colors!

i often like to include some vintage elements in my layouts and yours are simply fabulous! thank you so much for sharing them smiley guess i'll have to go bake another apple pie smiley

Thank you so much ladies!!

@Val ~ Yes sorry about the comments! I had them disabled years ago because of spam issues. But one of these days I am switching to wordpress and comments should be restored. smiley Many thanks!

@Paddy ~ I love & collect all things Vintage, Edwardian, Victorian & Antebellum lol! Happy to share some of what I have collected smiley The porcelain cap in the kit is actually an artifact I found here at my house in the ground under the kitchen! Could not believe I found it in so nearly a perfect condition!

How pretty! Thank you so much.

Beautiful kit - and it makes me want to go bake an apple pie! smiley

Awesome. Great job.

Thank you Teddy, Anita & Debbie!

And today I have added a new Freebie. Check the 1st post. smiley

smiley Jessica

What a great kit, thank you. I am only starting out but hope to be able to use this.

Pat x

Thanks so much for the Dapper Gentleman kit...with a house full of boys, that will come in handy! Too cute!

Thank you for another beautiful kit - love your work!

Nice! So fun to have a 'guy' kit. Thank you very much!

Jessica, your Dapper Gentlemen kit is just gorgeous! I can actually see myself using this for a layout about my 2-year-old great-nephew - he's like a little old man sometimes, the way he stands and he loves wearing hats and caps.

You do such great work! Always in love with your paper especially! Thank you, thank you!

By Jove Jessica, these kits are simply marvelous! <-- see? your kits are so gorgeously vintage that you even made me speak fancy Victorian smiley

Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us, cheers!

I love your kits ! As we say in french : they are "magnifiques" !
Thank you for sharing !

Thank you so much ladies! I really appreciate all your feedback & kind words! I'm a lil slow in getting them out but I still plan on making as many kits as I can. smiley

@Robyn ~ He sounds adorable! I used to put caps on my boys but I cant say they liked it much lol!

@Daniela ~ Your comment gave me quite a chuckle! smiley

Beautiful kit - thanks!



These are beautiful kits! I love the luxe Victorian feel that they all have. Great job!

Beautiful 'Our House' kit! Great red brick home. Thank you very much!