FREEBIES CU/PU: LW Designs (see page 2 for active freebies)

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Thanks Em and Sarah smiley

I expired a little portion of my freebies (most of them will be freebies again soon, but with their quality improoved) so I marked the posts that contains expired freebies so you don´t need to look for them in vain... I also have this freebie waiting for you in my blog (and a couple more on the oven):

Find it here

Lorien I love that moon and the word art... great contribution to the blog train! Thank you for sharing!

Thanks Sarah - These wordarts almost drove me crazy to clean jaggies. BTW I really love your new profile pictures.

Now, back to topic: Freebies!

This is my portion of this month SNP blog train. Although it´s tiny, I´m proud of myself:

And don´t forget I have a CU freebie for this month´s PS blogtrain (Pond Life):

So Pretty, Thank you!

Very nice kit.

Wonderful, thank you so much.

smiley You are welcome smiley

There are two birthday themed journal cards here:

I like the beach elements. Thank you.

From SNP Jan 2014 blog train:

Click here or on the picture to go to my blog - there´s a direct download link there.

This is my first Facebook fan freebie: Click here or in the picture to go to my fanpage:

That's very cool, Lórien! It amazes me how much you (& others in here) have grown as a designer over the last year... I remember us taking our first steps in designing at the same time; but after my first creation I gave up & decided to stick with just least for now. Anyhow, I just wanted to say congrats! smiley

thank you very much

Thanks Liz and Ana Carmen!

And yes Liz, you´re right. But Janet, Melo and other ladies for sure went even further smiley

I thought you´d like to know that I have a new paper pack on my blog. Some of the papers have some colors of next PS blogtrain:

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

I love the Fathers & Sons and the Pond Life kits...beautiful! Thanks!

I have an alpha for you - It´s limited CU ok - but I promisse that the terms aren´t too restrictive:

Click on the preview, or here, to go to my blog

Pretty, Lórien! smiley

Nice kits Lorien. My favorite is the Pond Life - the lotus flowers on the papers and elements are so pretty! Thank you very much!

Thanks for the alpha! It's great!

Lovely. Thanks

thanks for the wood alpha, I love it!

Very pretty

Great Job!

Thank you so much for the kind coments ladies!

A little Christmas freebie - I hope it´s useful to you:

Thank You .. These are lovely .. smiley

Great kit, thank you