How to search the Pixel Scrapper forums

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How to search the Pixel Scrapper forums

Pixel Scrapper does not currently have forum search functionality built into the site. As a temporary solution, you can use to search the Pixel Scrapper forums if necessary.

Just type this query into Google: forums [whatever you want to search for here]

So for example, if you wanted to find posts about cats and dogs you would type: forums cats and dogs

Thanks so much! That is exactly what I asked for! smiley

whooo hooo this will be so HELPFUL!!! thanks!!! smiley

Great news smiley I was just trying to think of where a particular thread was located and sure could have used this feature.

That is awesome, looking forward to that!

What a great addition, thanks Jordan!

Thanks Jordan, this will be very helpful, as our forum is growing fast smiley

Just came to this forum to see if that was a suggestion already. I think this will be really helpful, especially if looking for a specific "how to" in the tutorials! Thanks!

I'm waiting with baited breath for this feature. I was looking for a thread that I had replied to and couldn't find it. I think if I could search by keyword or member, then I could find the threads I replied to or started. I think I could be more interactive if I didn't spend so much time searching through the threads. Just my opinion... don't mean to be pushy or anything. smiley

I think this will be a really great idea because we will be able to search for a specific thing before starting a new post. Good look for the inplementation.

That's awesome! Thank you, Jordan for making Pixelscrapper such a great place to be.

Pretty much what Nancy said above. I'm hunting through threads before starting a new topic... a long procedure... Hope everything's going smoothly for the change.

Thank you, it will save a lot of time.

bump to top... so people will see this has already been answered... smiley

Good idea! just asked it in another topic smiley

Look forward to it - will be a HUGE help!

this would be SUPER helpful! smiley

Oh, this would make life so much easier!

I'm sorry that this feature still hasn't been implemented yet smiley .

As a temporary solution, you can use Google to search the Pixel Scrapper forums if necessary.

Just type this query into forums [whatever you want to search for here]

Jordan, thank you so much for that information, I never knew about that, and it will come in handy for lots of other sites, as well smiley

Thanks for the search hint Jordan. Wasn't familiar with that one but have copied it and pasted it so I can find and remember it!!

bump. I was just hoping for this today smiley

Thank you! Wish I read this sooner...but I couldn't search for it...haha

Great tip. Since the forums are growing rapidly I need this option more and more (and I'm guessing I am not the only moderator looking forward to the implementation of the real thing). But for now, this should work!

@Karry: don't feel bad... I can't believe I missed this fantastic tip myself... I've been manually searching through all the old posts all this time to find info for y'all... b'wahahahaha Karry: I am sooooo glad you posted your comment here so I would see this. smiley this sure should make things easier for me.

This is soooo cool to know, especially for newbie me smiley


I was just wondering about search earlier today! Thanks for the google tip!

Thanks! Great tip!

Thanks for the Google search instructions. Worked like a charm.

thanks smiley

Very helpful, thanks so much