February Challenge - Deadline March 1

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February Challenge - Deadline March 1

Thanks everyone for participating! I've given you all 10 community points and congrats to our winner Harriet! Be sure to check out all the layouts and leave some love.


Are you working on a daily/weekly/monthly project for 2013? Share you progress, advice and questions here!

Upload any layouts for February to our gallery for 10 community points and a chance to win 50 bonus download credits! To be eligible you must tag your layout with "february 2013 challenge" and don't forget to post it here!

Last month's challenge
My Layout Love: Daily Life inspiration board on Pinterest

(If you are behind and scrapping photos from January, that's okay too! This challenge is here mainly to help people stay motivated and get inspiration for recording those daily, little moments.)

Good motivation to keep scrapping daily. Thanks.

Hehe i'm still kinda in shock from randomly winning the January challenge. i know it's a random draw but still it feels good to see all those download credits sitting there. Thanx so much Marisa!!! smiley

My first scaling day in February:

Still at it!

Thanks for the great motivation!

I forgot to note "February 2013 challenge" on my 2 bb pages. Is there some way for me to edit my LOs?



Here are my 1st two 50th Anniversary BB pages for my parents' album.



*I see that my first BB page LO got cut off. I made the largest side 600 pixels. What am I doing wrong? Thanks again!

Cindy: Not sure about all your troubles, but if you go back to your gallery, (you can get there by clicking on your name in the right hand corner and selecting "Profile", then pick "Gallery" under your photo... or you can even click your name under your photo of your questions here...)

Once you get to the photo, just click on one of the layouts, there will be two tabs directly over your layout picture...
VIEW and EDIT > Edit will take you back to the sections like when you first upload the layout.

Uploading Layouts is a good reference also.

I try to find some time to do some layout from the CT I belong to!!


Here's my layout for February.

Here is one ... I'm still playing catch up with both of my boy's albums ... This one is my youngest son in 09 on his 1st birthday

This is some of what I've been working on.


I kind of got distracted by other challenges smiley so there's not as much as I'd like but it's better than nothing smiley And of course I'll keep working on it.
Here's a couple more I've gotten done this month for my page a week project.

My Love.
and Just Keep Playing

Thank you so much for your help, Laura!

I've made a lot of progress on my 50th Anniv. BB Album for my parents, but I have quite a way to go! Uploaded 8 bb pages to the gallery. Have completed many more but can't upload them all. Also, when they are printed, if any don't come out the way I hope, I'll eliminate those. I have separated the LOs by creating LOs for Mom & her family, then Dad & his family, then their wedding, then when the children come along...to the present, after grandchildren have come, as well.

50th Anniversary BB LO 1

50th Anniversary BB LO 2

50th Anniversary BB LO 3

50th Anniversary BB LO 4c

50th Anniversary BB LO 5a

50th Anniversary BB LO 6a

50th Anniversary BB LO 7

50th Anniversary BB LO 8

In the gallery, my LOs are showing correctly. It's only in the forum that my LO is cut-off. I tried uploading with the vertical side at 600 px, but got the message that my images were too small. Went back and resized all of them to 600 px on the horizontal side, or rather the other way around, and they uploaded to the gallery fine.

Not sure what else to do, but thanks again for your help!

Also, sorry, I mixed-up the images with their links in the gallery!

My youngest loved to grab my shoes and put them on ... "Mommy, I'm you now!" ... It was sooo darn cute and made Awesome Pics for layouts for his album!

Thanks everyone for participating! I've given you all 10 community points and congrats to our winner Harriet! Be sure to check out all the layouts and leave some love.

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