which programme do you recommend for digi scrapping?

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which programme do you recommend for digi scrapping?

Have seen other than ps and pse for digital scrapbooing. Have any og you exerience in such programmes? I want to try digi scrapping - but my trial verson af pse is running out and it is quite expenceive to get the opgrade.

Have you tried the free one i linked just under this? smiley It's not the newest one but still for free smiley

I use Memory Mixer. It's pretty basic yet allows you to do quite a few things. It doesn't really allow you to MAKE paper or embellishments like Photoshop would, but if you have the kits/elements/photos its a nice program to put it all together. It's relatively affordable in my opinion (I believe it's around $40 for the downloadable version).

Copied from their add.
I have used Serif software. I started with their free version, which I used for many years.

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Thanks a lot. have checked it out. serif seems to be quite straight forward...
have a nice evening

I use PSP... While I like it, if I had known that most of the resources out there (tutorials, classes, cu items, etc.) were for Photoshop I probably would have waited & saved a bit more to purchase Photoshop instead (PSP is MUCH cheaper). If you think you'll ever want to become a designer & sell stuff, I would highly recommend going with Photoshop.

Adobe is still offering legitimate old versions of Photoshop and the rest of the creative suite on their website, with activation keys, although it is meant for people who bought the software years ago and need to re-install. But, it's there, it's free, it's legit.... and it's old, but sturdy. If your OS lets you run CS2 programs, I would say; go for it! Learn to hone your skills in CS2 and save up in the mean time to buy the new version.


I actually was using PSCS2 until about 2 weeks ago... I now have PSCS5 but I am seriously debating on the extra $200 upgrade fee for all the goodies it has someone here was telling me about. If I already have to learn an almost new program might as well do it to PSCS6???

Any who... all that to say I can vouch for PSCS2 being very good and sturdy as it is what I was using for most of my digi scrapping life. Started in PS7 I think it was before it switched to PSCS (which was technically version smiley. smiley

I still use good old, sturdy Adobe Photoshop 7. It does every thing I need it to do and just has a nice fit. I've tried Paint Shop Pro and Gimp, but I just can't let go of PS 7. smiley

I've been using GIMP and I really like it. Everything I've needed to know so far was covered in some tutorials on a blog called Becoming Martha. She was using it for invitations but of course the method is the same.

There are a lot of GIMP tutorials on YouTube too, for actual photo editing. I did use some things I learned on those to "PhotoShop" out a piece of garbage that blew into a super cute picture. LOL

I worked with PS and now with PSE, but I also like to work with GIMP sometimes. It is free, and there are a lot of Brushes etc. all over the WWW. It is different from PS but with all the tutorials you can find at youtube an some gimp-specific websites it works really good for scrapping.

@melouise Thanks so much. I was hoping that gimp or paint could take on photoshop brushes. Dling cs2 instead makes everything easier since Ive used it years ago in the office.

I have always used Photoshop. But I want to try Serif and GIMP. Hopefully they will be great. smiley

I use serif craft artist 2.

Serif PhotoPlus is like Photoshop, If you have used Photoshop, than you will find it easy. There are tutorials on the Serif website to help.

Craft artist is great to put together something quickly. A nice program. There is a free version of Craft Artist for someone to try.

Serif's software is the solution to quality software that can do as Adobe without the price.

Adobe has a promo on PSE 11 until May 11, 2103.....get it for $69.99
Use promo code: SPRING30
To order by phone, call 800-585-0774.

I do like PSE, I am trying to decide whether to upgrade to PSE 11

@ Sarah or whomever:
ummmm sooo tempted to get this (NOT that I NEED it, so I probably won't)... but after seeing someone crop using PSE11 in a crop and learn this weekend, I was taken in! And I own PSCS5 but I was just so impressed with a few features that PSCS5 doesn't have like the photo well at the bottom and I can't remember the name of the other thing she used (it had to do with brushes and styles, etc) I liked but it was how she brought all the items in with so much EASE that I can't seem to figure out that well in PSCS5. Do you know when PSE12 is to be released. I've heard very soon, so you think that's why they have the special going on? How much does it usually cost to upgrade in PSE? Thanks for letting us know. smiley

Adobe has a promo on PSE 11 until May 11, 2103.....get it for $69.99
Use promo code: SPRING30

I was curious about what other people used for digital scrapping.
Ive noticed that photoshop is popular. I currently use photo explosion
which is a combination of photo editing and scrapbook maker. It has a pretty
good arrangement if papers, elements, and alphas. Unfortunately, it is currently
on my laptop which is in the comp shop. Lol! Ive been making my layouts via my cell phone
cuz my desktop computer is a wee bit slow.

I use PhotoImpact, have been using it since version 4 and now use X3 and love it. And since Corel bought it, it won't be updated, so I've been learning PSE, PS, and Gimp. I do like them all, but get frustrated having to go to the layer palette to select your layer first in PS and Gimp. PSE, you can grab your layer in the work area. In PI, anything you do in it, draw, shapes, whatever, automatically makes it's own layer. I do like the layer palette when I have so many layers on top of one another I can't see what I'm doing. It does come in handy!! LOL I have PS CS5 and PSE11. I do like PSE 11, do not like PSP, I would like PS more if I used it more but I just revert to PI, it's like a pair of old comfy slippers. I haven't used Gimp in awhile, but I did like it when I used it.