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You are welcome. is full of tutorials on how to do almost anything with Photoshop, as well as resources and links to these things on other sites.

Thank you Marilee, I will check it out.

I've just created a tutorial on extracting elements using a shape layer as a clipping mask. It's available on my blog HERE.

Holly- great tutorial! I can't wait to try it out!

Big help:) Thank you

Thanks for sharing ! Easy to follow tutorial...

You are welcome!

thankyou, these will be so helpful

Realistic Shadowing in Photoshop, with free layer styles, by Megan Turnidge

under Intermediate

is no longer a valid link, domain was up for sale.

Oh, wow! Thanks for sharing, everybody!

Looks like a great start thank-you so much

You are welcome.

Recently I started to create book flags and I used an item I purchased a shape in Silhouette for commercial use and then imported it into Photoshop so I could create multiple on a page and then design them. But when I go to print, save as a jpeg or pdf - everything is blurry. Not at all what I see on my computer.

I was wondering if there is a tutorial for saving a file as a PDF that prints beautifully - the right colors, not blurry and words are not jagged. It's been years since I took a class on this and I never used it really until now.

Printing is dependent upon the quality of the original and the size.
If the size of the image is small, say a 2x3 and you want to print something larger it will come out fuzzy.
Try changing the resolution of the image in Photoshop to something higher and than print.

I created it as an 8.5x11 document - I pulled in elements from an 8.5x11 file in Silhouette and just added a layer for my paper. Everything came out blurry. I will keep trying. Thanks.

Is your document at least 200 DPI? How did you export the shape from Silhouette? It may have come too small from there, which is why it's blurry when printed. What sort of shape are you using?

It was a tab shape that you could fold in half. I had it set to 8.5x11 at 300dpi, which is what I would use in Photoshop.. but I am using Design Suite which is new to me and it looks like the first time tried they were too small and the second way to large. So it has something to do with me and Silhouette. lol

It can be tricky going between programs that are vector based and raster based, because the vector programs don't think size is important. A tip about making foldable tabs, you can take any tab shape and duplicate it, rotate it and stick it on top. Now you have a folding tab!

Can I recommend Phlearn? Here at YouTube smart and funny guy. I use Photoshop for work and I've learned a ton of stuff here, it will take your photoshop experience to the next level even if you are a newbie.

I have some freebie, personal and commercial products here

Oh, wow. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this. Can't wait to start and learn how to do this. This is awesome.