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Gimp Tutorials and resources

Gimp Tutorial links and resources

With Susan Cantin's help, thank you:

Here are some links for gimp tutorials .... I don't use gimp so haven't looked at them

this is the google page I found these in.....

these 2 are from gimp itself ....

this one is a video for using the masking tool .....

and a layer mask .....

this is the google page I found these in ....


Pattern Scale

Thank you so much!

Reference for GIMP Layers Modes - this is on my blog, not a true tutorial but has photo for reference.

Thank you, Laura! Great blog post - very helpful! I've been spending some time the past few days learning how to use PSD templates in GIMP. I'm getting there slowly. It's nice to know who the other GIMPers are, so we can compare notes when necessary! smiley

Thanks. I've used a couple those and find them to be really reliable.

Thank you so much..I like GIMP and use it often beside Photoshop for all my graphical creations..

Thank you!!!

You are welcome!

The one thing I can't get enough of are Gimp Curves. My fav are scripts by JFotography, found on deviantart. I use those while editing my photos to give them a bit of a wowser-effect, as my camera won't do the work for me.

So excited to see a community of gimp users on here smiley I've been scrapping with gimp for a long time, but there's still tons I haven't tried.

I just downloaded gimp and can't figure out how to put color in. Oh I am so lost lol

Gimp is a free program and has a learning curve to it. Have you tried the links above to see if they will help you.

New Video Tutorial I made on toggling multiple layers visibility in GIMP.

Thank you Laura.

Thanks!! Looking into gimp for my template software any suggestions?

@Jennifer - to make templates or to use templates?

To use templates, thanks!

Sorry Tammy - I wasn't on pixelscrapper for a few days. You can open your .psd template files directly in gimp. That should give you layers with different shapes etc. Gimp doesn't do clipping masks, but there are various work-arounds. I find the easiest way to go then is to use the select by colour option on your shape layer, and then switch to your paper or photo layer, invert selection, and cut (ctrl-x). You may need to add transparency to your paper or photo before you do that. If you need more details, let me know - I'm not sure what level of comfort you have with using gimp already.

(if you're new to gimp, don't forget to change your default image to 300x300 dpi - otherwise you'll end up with a layout that's not a high enough quality for printing!)

Hope that helps!

@ Jennifer - Here's a great tutorial for using templates in GIMP:

Thank you Susannah for sharing.

Well, I am back with a GIMP question of my own again: re-colouring elements, especially small areas that need to be done delicately, 'by hand'. For example, if I want to change the colour of just the outline of a doodle element. There are scads of re-colouring tuts on the Internet, but so far I can't seem to find a helpful one that really describes what I want step-by-step, and doesn't assume you already know what all the tools on GIMP are and how to use them. I'd appreciate any tips!

Susannah - if you can select the portion you want to recolour, then you can use the colorize option (or any of the other colouring options). So you may be better off looking for selection tutorials. If the outline is a different colour than the rest of the doodle, I'd use select by colour, otherwise the "fuzzy select tool" may work (that's the magic-wand looking thing and it selects continuous regions). In both cases, you may need to play with the threshold in the tool options to get the selection just right. If neither of those work, you may need need to use a mask and convert to selection - but I'll let you find a tutorial on that, because that gets complicated smiley

Thanks Teddy. Sounds like I need to start playing around with selection, etc. I am grateful you spelled out some of the basic names, etc. A lot of tutorials forget to do that.

Teddy Prayer thank you for always being willing to share your knowledge(GIMP specifically) in such a way that new users can feel comfortable.

I have never used Gimp I use PSP, but have downloaded Gimp to try thank you for this Judy xxxooo

Cheryl - one heads up before you start playing with GIMP - make sure you change your layout resolution to 300 DPI. I'm not sure if it's changed, but GIMP defaults used to be for web-only (72 DPI) and there's nothing more disappointing than creating a whole layout and then realizing it's not a high enough quality to print! You should be able to change that under advanced options when you "create a new image" - although you can change that more permanently under Edit > Preferences > Default Image. There you can put in your size (12x12 or 8.5x11 or whatever) and your x and y resolution to 300. (I also like to change "fill with" to "transparency", but I think that's a personal preference thing). Have fun experimenting!

Thankyou for the heads up Teddy I will do that

Hi Jennifer that link does not work.
Regards Cheryl

๐Ÿ’‹ Thank You ๐Ÿ’‹

You are welcome!

These links are awesome! I've been using GIMP for a while now and just learned a few new things thanks to you. Thank you bunches!