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Hi, my name is Heather, and I am a candy-a-holic. Its getting truly out of hand. What are your secret bad habits??

Yes, I have a lot... my biggest is money spending. I have a hard time getting a handle on it. smiley

Hi my name is Denise and I have a scrapbook collection addiction... Srsly, I'm gonna need another hard drive.

@Denise, I just bought a new computer with double the hd space for such a problem... I feel your pain.

I have a sweet tooth as of late, but not typically. smiley may be compensating for something I use to do a lot... I would shop when I was sad or lonely, and then my money pinching ways would restore me to normal and I would have to go back and return most of what I bought, knowing I never should have bought them in the first place. LoL
It doesn't happen as often any more but lately with so much loss in our family, it's reared it's ugly head recently. So, I'm trying hard to keep it under control. smiley It's good to keep yourself accountable to someone you can trust to not be judgmental as that usually just makes your struggle, whether it's food, shopping, retreating, etc only worsen.

I am addicted to Hot Chocolate. I don't drink coffee, tea or soft drinks. I indulge in spice-rich Mexican chocolate when it is available. Ghirardelli has a nice cocoa mix, as well. Sometimes I add a sprinkle of little marshmallows for topping.

I'm a chocaholic.... but (and this the weird thing) I don't like chocolate cake or chocolate ice cream, and I don't like it mixed with peanut butter. Chocolate in cookies (or as the base) - fine. Chocolate in muffins (or as the base) - fine. Brownies - fine. Whoopie pies - fine. Chocolate cream pie or Chocolate mousse - fine. Isn't that strange?! And you're going to think this is even funnier, I know when my menses are about to come because I will have unbelievable chocolate cravings about a week before (I'm not kidding). smiley

Hey Denise Witmer, I think that is kind of a given for all of us, lol. I filled up the hard drive of my new laptop in less than a year and now have 2 external HD's. Whoops!

I am definitely addicted to Pepsi, not coke, Pepsi! Used to love chocolate (could eat a small bag of Hershey's kisses in a day!) but after cancer and chemo I can take it or leave it and usually it is leave it. Funny huh!

I'm addicted to my pc, when I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is turn it on and then take a cup of tea and smoke a cigarette.
Drinking tea is my other addiction, drinking lots of it, just the english blend....I love it!!!!

Root beer! I am a root beer fiend. I love it. I love to try new kinds when I find them. You should have seen the dilemma I had last night at the store when my mom and I decided to buy everyone soda in a glass bottle to put in our Easter baskets and there 5 different kinds of root beer!

Coffee...I drink almost a pot of it a day all by myself! And with coffee creamer, which I know is not good for me, lol. I don't eat much candy, but when my brother visits from NYC he almost always brings some treats from Dylan's Candy Bar...their chocolate is the most addictive stuff I've ever had, lol...

Kaleena - I have yet to find root beer in Belgium and I miss it! I'm a big fan, too!

Oh Heather that is sad. I am sorry. There are probably other great things there too. I lived in Germany for a while and I hate it when I have cravings for things from there that you just can't get here.

My mom keeps me stocked in most things, but liquids don't ship well. smiley I just received a huge box from home stuffed with Chex Mix, Kraft and Annie's Mac&Cheese, Mint Oreos, Sour Patch Kids, Skittles (which the sell here, but they taste different), Stove Top stuffing, Campbell's tomato soup (again, they sell it here, but its completely different), Pixy Stix, Starburst, cornmeal, red pepper flakes, ranch dressing mix.... She forgot the Cheez-Its. smiley I am lucky to have an awesome mom!!!

@Chelle Stein, I too am a coffee addict. Some days, it is the only beverage I consume. And I like my coffee creamer too, even though I know it's unhealthy. I guess there's worse things to be addicted to though! smiley

@Heather: I love Campbell's tomato soup! My Nana used to make me "cream of tomato" soup using their condensed tomato soup (use milk instead of water, add a pad of butter & a bunch of freeze dried chives - yumm!). However, the other day when I was looking at their label (new part of my Diabetes "must do" list) and saw the sodium levels my jaw just dropped. It's so high! So now I'm looking for another condensed tomato soup, but the others I've tried in the past just weren't as good... *sigh*

ohhh. I would have to say I am addicted to coffee. It keeps me going while working. I am a CNA at a nursing home, so sometimes coffee is just what you need to get going after you hit empty.

Lizanne - they have a reduced sodium version. I'm sure its not as good, lol.

@Heather: It's not as good, but I can say I did try... lol

That is awesome Heather! When I lived in the state of Georgia my mom over nighted peaches to me because I missed the good ones from back home. Moms can be awesome.

I am addicted to products from The Body Shop. Love it there. And I use everything I buy. Gummy Candy and Chocolate my weakness. Coffee is a must have in the morning! Starbucks is another issue. I am a at home mom what can I say I have a lot of addictions. LOL but long as its not harming my body or anyone else its all good right?

I'm addicted to downloading free digital images. I think I might start a 12 step program. It's good to know that there are others who need extra hard drives. My husband thinks I'm crazy. Watch for me on an episode of Hoarders-Digital Downloading Divas. It should be on the same channel as the other hoarders shows.

@Lou Anne - If they have international guests on this one, I´ll may be in the same TV show, lol!

I am addicted to chocolate. And to computer/internet using. Those are two things that I feel really weird when I don´t have.

I'm a Diet Dr Pepper and coffee addict.

I am addicted to Pinterest! I can sit at my computor for hours browsing through the craft/diy stuff. I also love onion dip, and can eat the whole container at once if I don't stop myself, with chips or veggies of course, lol.

I am something of a clothes-horse. The last couple of years we have been too nomadic for me to properly engage in my obsession, but I transferred pretty easily to scarves and jewelry (smaller and fit easily in a suitcase). However, my closet has been slowly growing over the last two years we've stayed put...

Scarves... I love them. Have more than I can use in the same winter. It´s something I can donate a bit for the official state government campaing this year...

Ok, Marisa, here's another confession, just for you: I am completely clueless about what to DO with scarves. Unless its a winter scarf, I am good with those. But fancy scarves? They always look so nice on other people, but I can never seem to drape them in any way that doesn't look stupid. I am a bit fashion impaired to begin with, but scarves are just a complete enigma to me. Maybe you can make a tutorial on scarf wearing! smiley And if that goes well, I have a list of fashion questions a mile long to occupy you, lol!

smiley I second that, Heather smiley

I am addicted to my: computer, candy, photography, and last and the biggest one of all COFFEE