What child are you.

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What child are you.

Are you the first, second, third, etc?

I am the oldest, the middle, the youngest and the only depending on who I decided to claim every day.
I am my dad's only - and I lived with just my dad from the time I was 2 just visiting my mom. So I was really raised as an only. (I guess that there could make me all of those but that would be even stranger to claim that).
I thought I was my mom's oldest until I was almost 20 when I learned that I had a brother who is in fact older than I am by 4 years. So now I am the middle when I claim both of my half siblings. I also like to joke that I finally got a whole sibling when I learned of my brother (2 halves equals a whole - dorky I know - I think that came up when my grandma told me that when she was a kid she didn't understand half siblings because you can't have half a person walking around).

I'm the second of 4. I am usually a very typical second child but my older sister is a... not sure what you'd call her in polite company, maybe just incompetent. Anyway, I end up needing to take the role of the oldest too.

I am the eldest of 2 . My brother is 4 1/2 years younger and although we look alike we have fairly different ideas and beliefs etc. Chalk and cheese smiley

I am the oldest of 4...I am 21 years older than my youngest brother though so while I see him a good bit didn't "grow up with him" like I did with my other younger brothers who are only 3 & 6 years younger than me.

I am the second of six, three girls and three boys. Loved living in a big family and really glad I was not the first because I would not like to be the "second mother." My older sister is too frumpy for me and I think because she was the oldest in a big family.

I am the oldest of two. My brother is 3 and a half years younger.

I am the oldest of two too. My brother is exacly 1 year and a half younger than me, so we really grew up together. We have a good relationship till now. My husband also is the older of two, but his brother - which has the same name as my brother - has born 10 years after him, and, as his parents got divorced when his brother was very young, he was really half father of his brother.

I am the oldest of 3 girls (i am 25, sister is 24 and other is 23)

I'm an only. Some say I'm spoiled...I say I'm blessed.:-)

I am the eldest of six children. And because I was eldest, I had to be the "example", and be responsible and level-headed and do all the right things............dang it!

I grew up the middle child but my Dad remarried and had 2 more children so now I am the second oldest. Always have been the oldest daughter...

I am third of six.


I am the first and oldest of three. Typical oldest child. And the only girl.

I'm the oldest of four, have two sisters and one brother

I am the only girl, also!

Next to last of seven, and the youngest daughter.

I'm a third out of four. Brother is the oldest, then my older sister, then me, then my little sister.

I'm the youngest of two. My brother is three years older.

I'm the oldest of two, but I've never felt like a good example of a typical oldest child. Has anyone heard of the Enneagram, which is a type of personality test?

I am the oldest of 3- my siblings are 2 and 4 years younger than me

I'm the 3rd. I have 2 older brothers and a younger sister.

I'm the eldest. I have a sister and a brother

Well, biologically I am the 4th out of 5. Adoptive, I am the second and the baby

I'm the youngest of 2. I have a brother but I didn't feel myself as I have a brother. I feel I'm only. But I growed up with my cousins and we were 4 girls and I was the eldest.

I'm the eldest ... I just have one younger sister (3 year younger)

Youngest of four, but don't let any of my siblings tell you how spoiled and pampered I was. They LIE! And if I did get by with more than they did, it's simply because they wore my parents out and they had no energy left to tell me "no."

I'm the oldest of two (I have a younger brother by three years, but he likes to pretend he's the older more responsible, mature one... sometimes it's true, other times not so much...lol. Anyway he calls himself my younger older brother.)

I'm the youngest of a pure biological match, I have one older brother, but I also have 4 younger half siblings, so in reality I am second eldest.

I'm the oldest.