Making A Torn Paper Edge Tutorial

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Thanks so much! I love torn paper look

This is so realistic looking! Thanks tons for posting this tutorial! smiley

Thanks! I'm looking forward to playing around with torn edges soon when I have a bit more time. Your tutorial was very easy to understand.

thank you for this tutorial!

Thank you! It's so much easier than I thought!!

Thanks, I've always had trouble trying to do this.

I will have to give this a try. I had found another tutorial that has you make the torn edge yourself with many steps. It turned out wonderfully and wasn't hard but did take quite a bit of time. I will try your way and see which I like best.

Thank you

Easy peasy now that you've shared the process. Thanks!

great to know! Thanks so much! smiley

Great tutorial! I downloaded the template and got it to work for me. A whole new world of playing!!

Great tutorial!

Finally I have found this simple method! Thanks for the tut dear! smiley

This is exactly what I was looking for. I tried it and like how it turned out. Thank you!

So much for going to bed early tonight!!!! Thanks once again!!!

Very cool, always wondered at digital torn edges! Very helpful! smiley

I have been wondering if I should post this, because I feel sooo stupid! But I guess I will never learn anything if I'm afraid of asking.... I have just tried this tutorial and it worked out really good. But how can I use it in a layout? How do I 'get rid of' the left side of the that I only have the torn paper? Or do you create the torn look while in the layout itself?? I thought I could just make a torn paper and then use it directly in a layout (without the other paper...) Help, what am I missing?

If you're talking about having a torn paper as the background paper, I think most people would layer behind it another paper, since saving it as a .PNG would be enormous, and if you were to print it it would be white anyway. Here are links to a couple layouts:

Thank you for your quick respons! I think I got it now...or maybe... smiley I'm having a hard time putting into words what I mean. But I thought that I could save the torn paper as it is, so that if I make a black solid paper with a torn edge, I could use it over and over again and just place it over any background paper. Not to use as a background paper itself, because that would make the background blank, as you say. I don't even know how to make a .png yet, so I think I will just follow the instructions smiley I have been on the lookout for torn paper, so I'm so happy to have found this smiley
I love your layouts with the torn paper look!!! Will have to learn it! Thank you for your help smiley

That is so easy! Thank you for your simple and easy-to-follow tutorial.
I also love torn paper and will be doing this all the time now smiley

Awesome tutorial! I only JUST started using PSE10 and I keep falling back to Serif PhotoPlus because I'm more familiar. I was able to use your instructions in PP and after a bunch of playing around, figured out how to make the edges torn on both sides! Thank you, thank you, thank for sharing your tips and techniques! You make the impossible oh-so-possible and not-so intimidating!

Thank you for making things so simple.

Fantastic! thank you so much.

Can't wait to try this. smiley

I love the torn paper look. So realistic. Thanks for the tutorial.

I can't wait to try this! Thanks for the tutorial!

Awesome effect. I am so used to PSP that I get completely lost trying to do stuff in PS. I need to find a newer version of PS as well. But those are MY issues not yours. Thanks for posting the examples of using the torn papers in layouts. Those were amazing. I so want to do this now. learning new tricks!

Looks so easy! Can't wait to try this. TY!

Everyone else seems to have gotten this so easily so I feel a bit silly explaining that I am opening PS latest version ( I have only ever used PSE in the past) I cannot seem to get 2 papers each on their own layer. I can see my first paper --it has dots. My second paper is a textured one color paper. How do I make each paper that I dragged in to PS into a layer?

Thanks for the tutorial and the template!