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iPhone Photography

Anyone use there iphone alot for taking pictures. i got the 4s about 6 months ago and i have pretty much put my nikon d70 to the side. I am pretty happy with my iphone but i would like to get more out of it. has anyone tried and great apps or a lens for an iphone?

I use my iphone all the time. My favorite photography apps are:
Camera+ (favorite editing feature is Clarity)
Instagram (my username is weaselwatchr)
Magic Hour

I also have a macro lens for it

Thanks for the info, I am currently using an app called Camera Awesome and so far I love it. I also use Instagram (claysmom), its alot of fun.
I am going to have to look up some of those you listed.

I find myself using my iphone all the time now just because it's always with me. I use Dropbox (cloud storage) and I have it set to auto download my pics off my phone. That way I can edit them on my computer if necessary.

@Lizzy Ann, Great tip on iPhone and DropBox-- I didn't know you could set it to auto download pics. I am going to do that! Right now I seldom take my pics off my phone because it's too much trouble. The pics I take on my iPhone tend to be utilitarian - a picture of fabric I like and the SKU and that kind of thing. I know there is this whole new world of awesome iPhone photography (link goes to a Flikr iphone photos group) but my pictures are mostly cruddy and blurry, so I'm sure I'm doing something wrong.

I wish I took better iphone photos, since its the camera I ALWAYS have on me, lol! some people can get so creative and i have the iphone 4 (I heard when they released the 4s the camera was completely remade so maybe thats why?) I dunno, probably just me not getting creative enough.

They did upgrade the camera in the 4s but i would think that the 4 would still take fairly good pics. I dunno.

How do you take action shots with the Iphone? so the pictures aren't so blury? Do those camera apps for the iphone take better pics or just help with editing?

I use the iPhone 4. It's my only camera, so that's what I use smiley

I was feeling like Camera Awesome was taking way better pics than the standard iPhone camera app, but then suddenly I was not getting good shots (after an update, maybe?) so now I've switched back. My pics are not good compared to DSLR pics, but they're better than my old Canon digital point and shoot from 2005, which was my previous camera.

@Krista - the interesting thing phone cameras in particular, is that while the camera lens (the hardware part) of course stays the same no matter what app you are using, the bulk of how the camera operates is mostly digital, so that can in fact change from app to app.

I am overwhelmed by all the photo editing apps out there. I usually just shoot my photos and edit them in photoshop. Laboriously and not very well. I would like to get better at the photo editing thing, but there are so many options and choices and things to adjust and I feel out of my depth and don't know what I'm doing.

@Danica - if someone wanted to make a tutorial or guide to some of those apps I'd be over the moon! Hint, hint....

I use my iphone for most of my day to day pictures these days. I tend to get junky pictures. I think the biggest problem is the lighting. But usually my dogs are not in well lit areas when they are going something super adorable.

Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll be checking some of these out! I don't always remember my camera, but I always have my phone, so if I could get better pictures out of it, that would be awesome.

Just wanted to say that I installed Camera Awesome and tried it out today, and it really was awesome! I got much better photos than with the built-in camera app. Probably better than my usual camera.

I used to carry around my Canon G11 with me everywhere, but my iPhone 4S has freed up that space in my purse!

Instagram is my favorite, simply because I don't like taking too long editing things on my phone. I do sometimes use Pixlromatic if I want to get fancy. Then also the F.Maker.HD is a good collage one. For fun, I use an app called Halftone which makes fun retro-style comics. Then not editing-related, but you all might enjoy, is an app called RedStamp...it's got all sorts of card templates - some for use with pics, others to just make a fancy note - but they're beautiful! It's like fancy stationary for texts! They also have an option to mail a postcard, but I haven't tried that.

Also...I just found this out recently, I hadn't realized that there was an HDR and panoramic option with my iPhone! By clicking the "options" button while in the camera you can choose either one of these. Sometimes HDR adds to pics, sometimes not, but it will save two images so you can choose when using it. The panorama setting is very easy to use and I've gotten some stunning results!

What is the HDR setting on the iphone and what would I use it for?

The HDR setting is on iPhone 4 and 4S (I'm not sure about 5) - it's handy when you're taking pics in dim lighting or close-ups mainly. I've noticed it results in a smaller pixel photo (if I'm uploading to the computer). Basically, an HDR (high dynamic range) setting will actually take 3 pictures - under, over, and regular exposed...then combine them all - resulting in a more detailed & crisp image.
Try it out - after using it a little I've come to discover when I do and don't want to turn the feature on.
Hope this helps!

P.S. I just saw your earlier post about action shots. I don't believe there's an app that will help with that, as its a setting within the camera. As long as the lighting is good, I've had pretty good luck with action photos.

i've recently become an iPhone/iPad photography app addict (only the free apps, LOL!) and love playing around with all the filters and effects. i have camera awesome, pixlromatic, picarts, laminar, instaeffects among my apps. i even have a makeover app called perfect365 which takes away wrinkles, smoothes skin and puts makeup on. such fun!

so glad Peggy commented on this thread! I somehow missed it the first time around a couple months or so ago??? Great info on apps in here for our iPhones. I still have a 3S so a lot of apps won't work on my phone. smiley I also, like Peggy tend to use only the FREE apps. LoL
And like Tina in post #5... I pretty much use mine in a utilitarian way. Take photos of things I want to try when I get home, or for texting the hubby when I'm at home and he's trying to grocery shop for me & get the right item. smiley Wish I could get the newer iPhone, but that'll have to wait as long as this one continues to make phone calls. smiley

i just got my iPhone 4 cuz my hubby got a 5 and passed on his phone to me! i never thought i would enjoy it so much!

I'm green with envy, Peggy... smiley My hubbies a big time Android guy! My tablets an android, his fancy smhancy phone for work is an android, and he wants that new windows tablet PC, I forget what it's called [not that I'm letting him get it anytime in the next year or two. smiley ha ha] but all that to say, I have no hope of getting someones older (newer) iPhone, anytime soon. LoL I hear the 5 is awesome!!!! wonder what we'd have to do if my 3 accidentally fell in the toilet? hee, hee

I have an app called Apps Gone Free, and lately it's been spotlighting lots of camera apps that are free for a limited time. ProCam or something like that was just a couple of days ago, and one called ZittrCam (I had never heard of it before, but it had okay reviews) was just a day or so before ProCam. I haven't paid for any of the camera apps I've gotten to play around with.

@ Shawna: LOL!

@Laura: I have that app too! and another one called App Tracker. i'm always on the lookout for free apps!

I have the iphone5 and you can get so many great apps for taking photos, just got to work how how to use them. Whats everyones fav iphone photo app.

Michelle, I think Camera Awesome is still my favorite, and it's free, so definitely worth trying. It takes very clear photos and has some neat default editing built in, plus more you can fiddle with yourself. Oh and grids for good composition, like the rule of thirds. Camera+ was also good, has more camera-like settings to play with, and cheap. I think it was 99c. None of the others I've tried have really stood out, at least to me.

Pixlromatic is next on my list to try.

Thanks Laura will go and have a look at that one.

Thanks for the great tips. I have been having difficulty getting good action shots with my iphone. Now that is it baseball season again, I am back to carrying my camera in my purse. I do love the iphone camera for it's size, portability and I just pull it out quickly and get pix wherever I am at. I am installing Camera Awesome. Looking forward to playing with that some.

That's me too. I have an Iphone 4s and thousands of photos I've already taken with it. And I learned a couple months ago to open HDR from setting and It's really effects to take better photos.

Thanks also for the tips. I always have my 4s with me and i always get blurry shots - I'll have to try some of the apps and see if I can do better.

Need to check these. Both hubby and son have the 4s...which I'm using now as hubby is driving us for a college bound visit. I did bring the video camera, but my son has been saying since getting them last summer that they take better than our old digital. We had just a few good Christmas photos this year cause we were using the phones, and lot were blurry. I've not liked the photos were you switch the view to take the photo of the user. They seem to have that bending bubble view... But with good lighting and a cooperative subject we've gotten a bit better. Outdoor shots work really well but then we haven't done any sports shots with them yet.

I really like pictapgo lately. Take photos with regular camera and then filter thru that. clean and clear.

Loads of apps there to check out. I must experiment!