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@Lady Phillippa: I read The 19th Wife a little white ago. Pretty interesting!

I'm not a book fan actually,,, I only read for exams (I had to force myself... hahhaha) Anyway,,, Kaleena's book "Old Before My Time" seems interesting for me... I need something to open my mind and make me realize that I have to be grateful for any conditions that I've been facing... need enlightenment... I'll try to find that book at my local bookstore this week...

I finally finished Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell! but I abandoned "The life, the universe, and everything" in the middle when I quit job, but I´ll go back to it later in the month. Now I am reading again a book called "Ladies of the Rings - Women in Middle-Earth", a work that started to be written exacly 9 years ago, and only exists in Portugese.

@Lorien: I read a lot of Jonathon Strange and Mr Norrell, but we were listening to it on audiobook and it just kept going on and on and on! Not a good choice for me to listen to, I'm sure I would have enjoyed it much more to read myself.

Interestingly enough I just decided I would read the bible from cover to cover in the next 30 days. Prior to that I had the distinct pleasure of reading "water the bamboo"... That wasn't really for pleasure though smiley

I'm currently reading Under The Same Stars by Tim Lott and also Memoirs Of A Geisha by Arthur Golden.

I'm currently reading "The Girls from Ames." I seem to be having a hard time with fiction these days, reading mostly non-fiction.

Is anyone on Goodreads? I wouldn't mind having a few more reading friends on there...http://www.goodreads.com/marisalerin

I read a LOT - mostly because I don't sleep much. I never get more than 5 hours a night and since my husband likes at least 8, it gives me lots of time to read. I am currently reading a fantasy City of Dragons by Robin Hobb (love her books). I generally get through 4 a month including 1 for our village book club and I like lots of genres but prefer fantasy/scifi or crime/murder.

Kelly - I enjoyed Memoirs of a Geisha
Cindy - Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time - a really good book! Liked his 2nd one too.
Melouise - Love Jane Eyre - probably my favourite Charlotte Bronte.
Kimberly - Stephanie Meyer is a favourite of mine - I thought the Twighlight series was very good (better than the films too) but Host is my favourite so far.
Sarah - The Hobbit counts as a classic in my house! Great book.
Steph - love Harry Potter of course
Heather - yes - love all the Game of Thrones books
Jessica - The Bible is always a good read - I've done cover to cover chronological reading of it 4 times (though admittedly 2 were for youth groups I was running). Leviticus, numbers and deutoronomy were a labour of love.
Tina - sorry - I read 100 year old man last month for book club and disliked it. I found it silly. Oddly, despite wonderful reviews, many in the group did not like it but there were a few who loved it. I think perhaps it just depends on your sense of humour.

Finally (yeah - no one is still reading LOL), Melissa - will definitely give that one a go and I will certainly have a look at everyone's choices in more detail on good old Amazon. I'm off to find out what "goodreads" is Marisa.

I am reading Cyndi Laupers : A Memoir

I love to read biography and auto biographies, some of those racy books like the 50 Shades trilogy. I also love books about Ghost Hunting and stories like that from people from Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters. I do keep going back to my favorite from high school the The Belle Jar

Well thanks to Marisa's link, I spent the whole DAY at goodreads.com uploading my booklist and adding reviews. Why? No idea! Just started and got completely absorbed!! The bad news is that - in addition to my shelf full of books waiting to be read - I now have a wish list of over 100 books that I did not even know I needed!! smiley

I wish I read things that were longer than blog posts more often. Right now I'm rereading World War Z. I like how it's almost like a series of short stories. My phone is in a waterproof case so I'll sometimes read a section or two while I'm soaking in the tub.

@Dawn: Sorry! smiley

I'm finished Marisa - well - I've done the ones I own. I can't remember ones I've borrowed over the years LOL

I just finished reading "Spark" about a family's journey through autism (both my sons have mild autism, so this was an amazingly encouraging and uplifting book!) I think everyone should read it even if you're not affected by autism!

I just got an anthology called Best New Zombie Tales. I'm looking forward to working my way through this one. I love zombie stories.

@Sarah who is the author of Spark?

@Marisa and @Dawn - I thought Good Reads was only a facebook app, and I refuse to use apps. Now that I know that it´s also a sepparated site, I´m very tempted to make a profile. Do you know if is everything in English or if there are books in other language too? Because I´ve most read in my mother tongue, portuguese.

I'm a sucker for historical romance. Right now I am reading The Secret Mistress....

@Lorien: I'm not sure about other languages. You could try searching for a couple books and see if they are there.

Looking through this post I saw so many good things to add to my list! =D

I am currently reading two books:


I can't wait to start watching the HBO series for A Game of Thrones. It looks wonderful! The book is very good so far! smiley

Also, I added a couple of you on Goodreads. I love that site. =D

Lorien - GoodReads definitely has things in other languages too. If you look up a book and the language/picture is not what you want, look over to the right of the page and click on "other versions" of the book and you can chage. I looked up José Saramago - his english translations were first (perhaps because of my location setting) but lower down I got "A Viagem do Elefante" and when I clicked on it, everything is in Portuguese (?) I think- not English anyway. I have also seen reviews in other scripts such as arabic. You can even enter your exact book by scanning the bar code on the back with an iphone.

well, in fact, when I realised my brother is in GoodReads and I am not, I deceided it´s for sure the time to try it out smiley At least by now I´m adding the books in the language they appear, and not the language I´ve read them, as later on I can change it.

In case you want to add me, my profile is: goodreads.com/lorien_r

@Dawn, yes, you probably found something on Portuguese smiley

I'm reading several books at a time.

Her: A memoir by Christa Parravani

The Mindful Path to Self-compassion by Christopher Germer Phd

Slow Cooker Spoon Cakes by Sara Witlet

Herbal Antibiotics by Stephen Buhner

Bones Are Forever by Kathy Reichs

Hi Christine - my husband does that too - more than 1 book on the go. I can cope with 1 factual and 1 fiction at the same time but I cannot do more than 1 novel at a time or my brain explodes smiley

I like the sound of the Kathy Reichs book - not read her. Would you start at the first Temperance book or does it not matter?

I have finished City of Dragons by Robin Hobb (loved it), and read Started Early rook my dog: Jackson Brodie by Kate Atkinson (not very good) and have moved onto Christopher Paolini's 4th book Inheritance which is HUGE and may well take more than a week I think.

Vanessa - my son and husband loved the 7 game of thrones books but I have not started them yet (seen all the TV shows though).

Lorien - have added you smiley

I am reading Wicked and The Things That Matter

600 hours of Edward, but only just started it.

I marathon watched the new Netflix original series Hemlock Grove this weekend. It was ok, but not awesome. The story was intriguing enough that I decided to read the book that it's based on. It's also ok. The series is a pretty faithful adaptation of the book so I'd say you're probably fine if you've seen the series to skip the book. As someone who gets almost everything I read from secondhand book stores or thrift shops, I'd say this one is not worth buying brand new.

Currently reading on my tablet (local historical fiction)

Next in line (paranormal romance)

Both James Osbon (Sand River) and Hildie McQueen (Desperate Betrayal) are local authors and I'm on their street teams. Sand River is Jim's second book. I haven't read his first one yet. I've read several of Hildie's other books. Her most recent, Where the Four Winds Collide, is a great western historical romance. And I'm not usually a fan of westerns.

I just finished (crime thriller)

It kept me flipping virtual pages on my tablet during a long drive from Mashpee, MA home.

Here's my goodreads link: Goodreads

I just finished Days Like These by Kristian & Rachel Anderson

It was great - it took me a long time to read though because emotionally I could only handle it in small doses. It the blog that Kristian Anderson wrote while he was battling cancer, there are also little exerts that his wife Rachel added after he passed away.

I just finished Imagine by Jonah Lehrer and I thought it was really great.

Not into reading fiction for the past couple of years either after Ive run out of Agatha Christies (Ive been a constant reader before 35). Most days it's only either about cats or arts.

Griffin and Sabine anyone?

Otherwise, quarrybooks at my bedside.