May Element A Day: Week 1

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Awesome stuff!!
I'm gonna give it a try too...

Here is my elements for week 1: ( I'll be traveling and back next week, so I wanted to make everything ready before I went) I'll release a beach kit by the end of the month, I hope youlike it!

Day/Element 6

May 1: Brackets

Here's my frame:

Here are my frames for May 3:




Super fun everyone! I can tell you've all been working hard.

Here's my tag:

May 2: Flower:

Day 4 - Tag

May 3 - Frame:

Emerald, I love your tag.

May 4 - Tag:

May 5 - Ribbon:

May 6 - Flair:

May 7 - Stitches:

My tags for May 4th:



Thank you, Beverly. smiley I can't take full credit since I started with a template and made some changes to match the kit I've been putting together.

My frame

Great stuff everybody.....

Here are my ribbons for May 5th. I used a couple of CU ribbons that I recolored and the flat ribbon I used Marisa's fat ribbon template and overlayed one of the papers I made last month.


My ribbon:

Here's mine

Day 5 = Ribbon

Here are my ribbons for today:

Everybody's work looks amazing! I've fallen behind but I'll catch up today...

My Ribbons smiley

Day/Element 7

Day 6 = Flair/Button/Brad


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