May Element A Day: Week 1

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Last of this week's.....buttons and stitching
[img][/img] [img][/img]
[img][/img] [img][/img]

Day 7 - Stitching

Whew! This is quite challenging, but I love it! I decided to make this kit CU, so its taking me quite a bit of research to figure out how
to make realistic looking buttons (which I'm still learning), stitches, flairs, etc.... I think its all turning out great though, and everyone's designs are super awesome! There are a lot of talented people on here! Can't wait to see the rest!

My Ribbons (I had to make them straight with a layer style I made for texture, I can't figure out how to curl a ribbon yet),3 flairs, buttons(still learning there, especially realistic looking threads), and stitching (which was also made from a layer style I made for the texture).


Tag 1

Tag 2

Frame 1

Frame 2

Easy to follow Utube video for frame at:



Day 4 Tag

Things are looking really good everyone! I can't wait to see everyone's finished kits.

Here's my flair for today:

wow, all of you are doing great! I hope I can catch up after finishing some pending affairs...

My Buttons and Flairs

I finally finished the elements for this week. They are so much harder for me to design.

I used a pixelscrapper template for the brads. The stitching is made with the cassel-creation-fonts "messy stitches", "messy zig-zag stitches" and "basic stitches"

Here are my badges, buttons, brads & stitches:

@Chickie, I love the colors you have chosen. There are ones I seem to use quite often in my scrapping so I'm hoping that you will be sharing at the end of the month smiley

Everyone is creating some great items. I can't believe I got last weeks done. Yeah!

Ribbon and Flair

Here is all of week one for me.

My buttons and stitches:

Here's my stitching:

My Stitches

love them great talent. smiley

@Harriett, yes I will be sharing them along with my papers.

I am new here, and I was so excited to see this challenge, but I am behind a bit, so I am doing the whole week now

Here are my stitches with the flowers and buttons and one of the tags I already posted. Stitches are tricky! I still don' think I got it quite right. They are meant to look thick and hand-stitched.

@ Violet: Thank you! I love the colors too smiley Sorry I haven't responded for so long.....I'm not entirely sure how I want to do it yet I guess....But I probably will be sharing some kind of kit with my Sunny Papers & Elements. smiley I'm considering putting it up for sale. So I'm not sure how much I want to put up for free, but I'm sure I will at least put some of it, if not all for free for a little while. smiley

Keep posting your creations in the new Week 2 thread.


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