Photoshop time saving tip

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Photoshop time saving tip

I use PS CC 2019, and this works in it. I am not sure about PS Elements, but it probably works in it as well. Please let me know if it works in PS Elements, now I'm curious.

If you see a color on a website you like instead of having to do a screenshot to get color codes here is a simple trick I learned.

Have your screen in Photoshop side by side with the website you see the color on. Simply grab your eyedropper tool and while holding the left button on the mouse drag it over to the color you want and it will now be in your foreground color. smiley

Hope this little trick will save you some time of doing screen shots.

Sweet Julie! Thanks for sharing.

This tip doesn't appear to work in PSE 15; I tried it with the eyedropper on its own, as well as holding down either Shift, Alt or Ctrl. However, I use an app on Chrome which has an eyedropper tool to pick colours from a web site, which you can then copy to your clipboard. It can be found on the Chrome Store HERE

Cool, I will go check it out. Good to know!

I just checked it out and got the ColorZilla it seems to do more than the Color Picker. Very cool, thanks!

If you upload an image to the Adobe Color site it will give you schematic choices plus you can move your dots around .... it will pick up the colours from your image

This is for picking a color on a web page you see and like.

I've done this before with CS6 smiley

Thanks! I knew there was an easy way to do that, but forgot what it was ... thanks for remembering it for me! lol

Way cool! What a time saver, no more screenshots. Thanks for the tip! Works with PS3 too.

You are so welcome smiley

Thanks for sharing.

Your so welcome!

It works in my PSE 15. Just click and hold down the left mouse button while you drag the eyedropper to the web page you want to sample the color from. Making sure you are hovering over the color you want before releasing the mouse button. HTH!

This feature has been around for quite awhile actually and it doesn't have to be a website that you get the color, it can be any other actively open window (website or image, etc.).