FREEBIES CU/PU: LW Designs (see page 2 for active freebies)

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FREEBIES CU/PU: LW Designs (see page 2 for active freebies)

Hi all!

I Changed my "Designer name" from Lorien´s Workshop to LW Designs. I post newer freebies on the last posts, and also update you if I expire something.

Note that when I started I didn´t knew a lot about quality standards, so my first freebies don´t have the same quality as the newer ones - I´m sorry about that, but also happy to offer some high-quality things for free.

My blog is:
My Fanpage is:

There aren´t any active freebie on page 1 anymore, please start checking at page 2.

Thanks for visiting this topic!

So cute, TYFS

Love the vintage feel of this! Thx!

Cute and pretty designs, do you have any for commercial use?

Thank you dears!

@Beverly - I have some CU stuff at the Design Challenges for this site, although they are not kits. Just go to the topics for the design challenges (under challenges forum) to check them out. They are still few, but I´ll probably keep on participating and sharing as CU. Also, my portion of the Retro Kitchen Blog Train for this site was CU


Thank you Lorien!

Lórien, Very Cute Kit!

many thanks... I download the kit smiley it's so fresh but still have a retro touch smiley

Freebie expired. See next posts for active freebies.

That paper boat is too cute, Lorien!

I also forgot to say how much I like your Morning Fresh blog train contribution, too. I'm haven't gotten to just the right photos to go with it yet, but I think it's really great work.

Lórien, Very Bright and Cheerful kits

Reading your comments is soooooo encouraging! Thank you so much smiley

Lórien, those papers with stars will be very popular by kids big and small! They remind me of the glow in the dark stars I had on my bedroom ceiling. smiley no, not when I was a child but a few years ago. I love to let the child in me come out and play. I spend lots of time in bed and looking at those glowy stars brightened my night smiley

Its wonderful to see your talent blossom!

Christine, this comment made me smile smiley Thanks!

Awesome Freebie!! Thanks for sharing!!

**** The downloads on this post has expired****

I have an alpha:

Also, there is this kit for Birds and Bees blogtrain:

super nice, Thank you!

love these. smiley

This freebie expired - I´m making a full kit out of it that I expect to sell at the beginning of 2015

**** The download on this post has expired****

Finally I can show you what was keeping me busy!

You need to register at Scraps´N´Pieces to download this kit - I don´t have any plans on offering it as a freebie anywhere else! You can find the download links here:

Lorien, it came out amazing! I am so proud of you!

Looks great!

Thank you! I loved making this kit smiley

Great Kits!

I had so much fun with this kit, Lorien!

Heather, So cute your little rock and roll baby!

She sings and dances her way through life, lol! I couldn't find a picture of her with her little guitar to use, I'll have to remedy that!

smiley to the little princess smiley

Awesome kit, Lorien! smiley

@Lorien... your kit looks wonderful I love the richness of the colors... that red is to die for I might have to dig up some of my old high school band pictures to scrap as an excuse to use this kit... now if only I can remember where the pictures are boxed up and stored.

@Heather... that layout is awesome... your little baby rocker is so very cute! and you really showcased the beauty of Lorien's kit!