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Thank you so much ladies! I really enjoyed making the Dandelion Wishes kit! smiley

Thank you!

I just downloaded 5 of the 6 kits in your new Whole Story Kit collection. It is not yet listed as a bundle I dont think - so I will have to get the last kit another day!! Thanks jessica.

Thank you!

Thank Jou smiley

Thanks Elaine, Robynne, Beverly and Vivane! smiley

@Robynne I checked the kits and they all are pointing to the Good Life Bundle so I'm not sure what you were/are seeing. The only one that isn't is the Mini Kit [is this the one you were speaking of?] since it was actually part of the Blog Train and not the Good Life Bundle tho it coordinates with it perfectly. smiley

Not to worry Jessica.

I downloaded 5 of your kits as seperate kits. I then downloaded the 6th one the next day.
Today I plan to download the June GL bundle - except for your kits since I already have those.

💋 Thank you for the Mini Kit 💋

LOVE that fair template - thanks!

Thanks for the great templates Jessica!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful kits!

Thank you all ~ you are so kind! smiley

Thank you so much for the gorgeous freebies smiley

Thank you!

Thank you so much.♥

Thank you Nae, Beverly & Grace! smiley

Been bad about updating this thread! Sorry about that! Here is catching up to November smiley

PS Nov2019 Blog Train - Mini Kit


I know its Xmas right now - Merry Xmas by the way - but your Antebellum site seems to have gone walk about, and most of your images on this thread have gone as well.

I downloaded a kit from you earlier this year (I have downloaded tons of your kits and bundles this year!!) and now I cannot find this particular kit here on PS at all. I have used it in a new Xmas layout. And I cannot find your Antebellum website in order to link to the kit.

Are you moving to another site or has the financing just expired?


Robynne Lozier

Thanks for letting me know Robynne! I was just updating some files and apparently ran into a snag. I got distracted with putting little people to bed & forgot to check it out haha! It's all back up now. smiley

Thanks so much for all the support Robynne! I truly appreciate it! smiley

Thank goodness for that!! Thanks Jessica!! Now to go and find that link - I hope... smiley

Edited to add - Link has been added to the LO.

My LO is called - Soups on!! - and uses the Winter Farmhouse Kit.

smiley The farmhouse kit was always one of my favorites ~ I love soups & stews! Thanks for sharing your layout Robynne!

Thank you so much for sharing!! you are so talented and generous smiley smiley

PS Jun 2021 BT Backyard Summer Freebie

Just to let you all know I will be working on fixing up broken and missing links in this thread in the coming months. smiley

Love "The Curio Pantry"! Great name! And love the flamingle kit, too. Thank you so much!

Aww thank you so much Maude smiley

DS Jul 2021 BT Classy Freebie

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