DESIGNER: June 2013 - Make a Kit Challenge (week 2)

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Elizabeth I love your target shooting paper - so creative smiley

Great work so far everyone! I'm really sad not to be joining you this month!

Thanks so much Bianca and Cynthia! I am having a lot of fun with my theme!

Here is my subway art type of page of words for the 10th:


@Isa, I LOVE your style!!
@Chickie, awesome colors!
This is turning out to be an awesome month of creativity and designs!! Can't wait to see the rest!
Yay, I finally caught up, Here is my:


Words: These are always so time consuming to make, but so worth it in the end:)

Damask: This one was a lot of fun to make with different shapes, turned horizontal and vertical and put together to make a pretty damask shape:)

Ornamental: I am finally getting to understand offset filter better the more I practice, I think we are becoming friends now:)

Geometric: I don't know if this is considered geometric, but it has lines, and there were lines in geometry in High School, so I just went for it,lol smiley

Extra Small: I made tiny flower looking shapes for this extra small pattern, although, I don't think they are EXTRA small, maybe more like just small:)

Extra paper: I threw another one in for good measure, I wanted a paper with musical notes to finish this week off, so I made this one too:)

I'm still behind but here are Days 1-7. Everyone was making such awesome things that I had to join in!

Here is the preview of all my papers so far:

I think I am going to stop here for this particular kit I am calling "Simple Pleasures". I made some elements already
for this kit and will have the preview on here soon, and the download for it as well. For the rest of the month, I will
be making a hot wheels type kit for my son. So, hopefully, I'll have two kits done by the end of the month:) We'll see smiley

@Sheila - Those papers look incredible!

@Chickie - I LOVE the grungy Independence Day text paper! And your star scatter looks amazing!

@Isa - The grunge music paper is awesome! You can almost never go wrong with grunge. I love it!

@Cynthia - Very cool!

@Jess - Adorable clipart! Congrats on drawing some of your own!

@Emerald - I'm loving the text paper!

@Elizabeth- I am loving all your papers! The bullseye paper is my favorite! So unique!

@Cynthia - I love the yellow chevron! And how awesome that you made some other options too!

@Mersija - Great job with the wordarts!

Love all of the creativity going on here. I'm always amazed by what each person comes up with. Thanks for all the comments.

Words..this will be a png in the final kit.

@Lou Anne - I am glad you decided to join in the challenge. I love your ocean colors!!

That is so fabulous. So I don't know what I'm doing. I thought I was replying to the paper with the torn music, etc. I like the others, too, but thought I was replying about that specific entry smiley

Beautiful. I just finished 6 pages of snorkeling pictures. These would have been great to have! (Can anyone tell me why it looks like I'm replying to a specific post, but my reply goes to the bottom and not near the entry?)

@Cris - At the top left of your post, above your photo, next to when it was posted shows the post you were replying to.

Here is my preview for this week. I decided not to do the Damask and Ornamental with this kit.

I am learning so much and loving the challenge! The offset filter finally makes sense but for the word and uneven I decided to break away from it... Here are my papers for the week so far:

11 Damask
This was hard to do. lol I'm not too happy with it, but it's made from scratch.

My wordart



@Andene - your designs are amazing!

Thanks Danell!

I decided to use words as scatters.

Here is my week 2 designs:

Everyone is posting such wonderful looking designs smiley


Everyone is doing such an AWESOME job! Oh my, I am loving everything I see!

Here is my un-traditional damask, as I am keeping with my patriotic theme:


I am creating too, I just haven't posted anything yet. And I had started a red, white and blue kit around memorial day that I had decided to add on to. I have to say though, Chickie, I LOVE yours.

Chickie, I LOVE your damask paper!!

Andene, your stuff is stunning


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