DESIGNER: June 2013 - Make a Kit Challenge (week 2)

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Here is what I have so far, I'm really enjoying the challenge this month!

On a slightly unrelated topic, I just read that there was supposed to be a buddy system for this challenge, and I wouldn't mind one, as this is my first real challenge...

These are my papers so far for weeks 1 and 2. I've rejigged the original colours to match the theme so far.

Chickie the new damask paper.

April .....I think you have great red white and blue papers.

All I can say is there is a LOT of creativity going on this month.



12 Ornamental

I decided to finish mine early, as I have a lot going on here for the next few weeks. I made the first two weeks of challenge papers, then made some elements to go with it, followed by an alpha and a solid papers pack. I really enjoyed this challenge with you all and will be back here on and off to check out what you all have, I love looking at all your designs:) So here is my finished kit that I call "Simple Pleasures" consisting of 15 patterned papers, 69 elements, and 1 alpha. It is CU friendly, so you may use it in your designs:)

And here is the Solid Papers pack, containing 6 solid papers:

You can grab them both HERE:)

Jess--Thanks so much!
Sheila--Love your new kit!
This is too much fun! I have never put a digital scrap kit together, let alone been on a forum. Everyone has been so inspirational with their layouts and creativeness. Thanks for helping me with my first scrapbook!! smiley

Here are my papers from last two days. And I have a (stupid) question...but what is the difference between damask and ornamental? I seriously do not really get it by seeing different designs smiley. Maybe someone could explain it to me as I still need an ornamental paper for today smiley.



Chickie, I love your palate and them. You do nice work.

Sheila, beautiful colors and designs. Nice work. Thank you for the kit.

Dawn, I like your color palate and theme. I can see this being very useful in scrapping my teenage grandchildren.

Lou Anne, great water colors and theme. Lots of beach photos to scrap this summer.

Cynthia, love this word paper. Looks like it was a lot of work.

Renee, I'm looking forward to using your fun house kit.

Isa, I can't help with your damask vs. ornamental question, but wanted to comment on how much I love your work. Great palate choice too.

Thank you all for the positive feedback...this community is really helping me a lot to develop my "skills" and my style. I am happy to be part of this group. Still struggling with the ornamental one.
Maybe this one could be something? (12_Ornamental)

@Isa - I would say that is very good for ornamental smiley

@Sheila - I love your kit, it so beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing it smiley

Thanks so much April & Dawn! I have already made quite a few elements to go with my kit. I can't wait to finish it!

Beautiful job Sheila!

Thanks so much Harriet!

This is my take on something ornamental... I really was at a loss with this one.


Thank you Harriet for the compliment. And thank you Sheila for the Beautiful kit.

I'm a little behind cuz I made a short trip home to see the folks for a couple of days. Here's my words, damask, and ornamental papers. Thanks for the kind words about my targets! smiley

Drewisms smiley

Thanks ya'll for the compliments!! I can't wait till the end, with all these amazing designs!

@April - I am glad you are joining us in the challenge smiley Love your papers so far, can't wait to see more smiley

13 Geometric

14 small

Chickie, I think your ornamental looks great.


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