DESIGNER: June 2013 - Make a Kit Challenge (week 4)

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DESIGNER: June 2013 - Make a Kit Challenge (week 4)

Sorry I'm late with the last week!!

Pick a color scheme and I'll give you a daily prompt to create something. By the end of the month you'll have a finished kit! Feel free to do which ever prompts you'd like, completing a mini kit is great too!

In this thread you may post:

  1. Questions and comments on completing each asset.
  2. Finished assets and/or templates. You may of course post small thumbnail images if you are saving the finished product for something.
  3. I'll post a new thread each week so that things don't get too out of hand.
  4. Don't worry if you're behind or starting in the middle, feel free to share whatever you make.

June 2013 Kit Challenge Themes

Sat, June 22 - Word Art
Sun, June 23 - Tape
Mon, June 24 - Metal
Tues, June 25 - Brads/Flair/Buttons
Wed, June 26 - Fun Shape
Thur, June 27 - Flowers
Fri, June 28 - Fabric
Sat, June 29 - Tag
Sun, June 30 - Frame

This is looking great! I have outdone yourself! smiley

I am gonna try to keep up with this.

Here is my set for Week 3. Now I'll try to catch up.

Got mine done! These are fun! Thanks!

I love everything! The color schemes, the glitter, the mermaids, the bubble wrap print. So lovely!!

Here is what I've done so far..
It was really fun, I didn't know how to do tape, metal, brads and buttons.. I learn a lot by doing this challenge, it's great!

And I also did Week 1:

Thanks for joining this challenge Rani! I love your colours and the "cardboard"-style...very nice! Do you provide your stuff somewhere afterwards?

Here is my stuff until today...used some brushes from CoyDreamer...they are sooo cute.

Mine's a little skimpy this week. Not much time to get this one done, but here it is. I kinda cheated and did my fabric and tape as "fabric tape". smiley.

Here is my Word Art for the 22nd:


And here is my washi tape for the 23rd:


21 Fasteners

you girls are doing great,i just haven't had the time.

Here is my metal and brads for the 24th and 25th:


Great work everyone!

@Rani: I love the kraft papers!

Chickie, I really like your work, always great color choices and designs. You have your own folder in my scrap stash. Thanks for what you've shared so far and I hope this one will be available for the 4th this year.

nice job everyone. aaah I'm so behind! just got a new job and am about to take on more study. will try to catch up

This is my first time participating. I've made stuff for myself for a while, but I've never shared with the world.
I am so impressed with all the talent here! I did the whole month! It was a lot of fun.

Anyone that wants the kit can have it here

Love, Love, Love all the creativity going on here. GREAT job everyone!
Chickie, I love your theme and the way your using texture on items.
Rani really like the colors and designs you have.
Lou Anne - I think the sea theme is really awesome.
Judy - Thank you for the Summerade Kit. Really fun summer colors and a cute kit.

I am behind but will try to catch up. Have some items in the works, but end on month has been a busy one.

Thanks Harriet, and yes, I will be sharing... that's the best part!

Here are my fun shapes for the 26th. I have made a lot of stuff, so this was the best place to put some of them in.


Such awesome work, everyone!

22 word art, 23 tape, 24 metal, and 25 buttons

@Chickie I love these. Hubby is retired Navy and my Dad was Retired Navy so the military was my life for many years.
Not to mention the Boy scout connection Americana is my thing. Nice work

OK Chickie's metal was the first thing I saw when I came here today but now I have looked at all the posts and they are all fantastic.

Looks like lots of fun. You ladies are doing great!

Thanks so much Sharron, I love Americana too.

25-brads, 26-fun shape, 27-flower, 29-tag

Still missing the fabric and the frames...

Here are my last elements..

I will put my papers and elements on my "blog" (i'm not really running it.. I made one, to test if I could use it in school..)

Thank you for the Summerade kit Judy. It looks like it was fun to make. I love the neon colors!

Great job everyone!! Love seeing what you come up with!


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