Color consistency in a larger album

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Color consistency in a larger album

I'm in the early planning stages of a travel album for a trip that I took several years ago, but never finished the paper album for. (Thank God I wrote all of the journaling at the time and still have it on my computer!) I'm about halfway done with editing the photos, and need to start figuring out what I'm going to do about papers and elements. I do have a particular color palette in mind that I'd like to use throughout the album, based on colors that I've pulled out of the album. But I don't have any kits that really fit that profile, nor have I seen any themed kits that match the location (Chile). So I'm trying to figure out how best to approach this, whether I should assemble a "kit" from the products that I already have on my hard drive, or just try to make my own.

If I go with the DIY kit assembly, is there a way I can search my supply files to match the colors in the palette that I made? (I've been working on getting everything into Photoshop Organizer.) Or if I try to design my do I even start? smiley I've been playing around with trying to make some papers, but since I've never done digital designing, I can't help feeling like it's all inadequate. Plus I have no idea what to do about embellishments and stuff.

Becky: that sounds like you are almost finished. I would love to see the colors. Would you mind to share? I'd be happy to help finding you a kit here. I'd sure love to see some pics too. Could you throw them onto a collage, like 4 or 5 that are pretty representative and share here?

You might be looking for mountains and deserts instead of Chile? Or some outdoor kits? Just guessing.
A Chile kit is a Chile kit mainly because of the word art and some Chile specific graphics like the country shape maybe and some other graphics li flowers or plants or food that is Chile specific. Writing this, I think a Chile or South America theme might be great for an upcoming blog train. What do you think?

Is your album going to be pocket style or are you using templates at all? You picked those yet?
I personally like to have colored strips at the top and bottom of my album pages that gives them a pretty look I think.

You can color correct any element or paper this way:
Convert to gray scale. Add layer mask of the color you want and then depending on what you want either set blending to multiply or overlay and then maybe duplicate some.

Thanks, Bina! I spent most of my time in one of the cities (Santiago), but we also visited the mountains and the beach while we were there. South America (and other non-US locales) would be fun blog train themes!

I'll probably go with templates, which I have not picked yet. But most likely ones that involve several photos, so the finished photo book doesn't get ridiculously thick and expensive.

These were several of the photos that I pulled the colors from/main places I visited aside from the missions trip stuff we did...

And this is the palette I came up with. Which I am definitely open to critique on. (The coral was from several sunset photos, which I realized I did not add to the collage after the fact.)

Can't see the images... Becky... I have just finished a Chile mountain page and I went for yellow and lime and black and white . I looked at the swatches here and what about this one:
I am so curious to see the image you uploaded.

Weird, it's showing up for me. I had to edit the post because the picture of the palette was too big and cutting off, so maybe that's the problem? Otherwise, should I just put them in my gallery? I'll add the links just in case.


That is a nice palette for mountains!

TY I can see it now. Looks great!

What about the Cambodia kit? And then pop it with ellies from the last good life bundles?
The Oregonian, Outdoor Adventure?
You can also dl some paper templates and then use consistently with your own colors, why didn' I think of that?
This one has darling ellies

But also the current May Kits would fit perfectly. May Good Life and the Travel Kit, as well as the blog train?

That looks perfect! Thanks, Bina. smiley (And soooo much easier than trying to design my own.)

My Chile page. I hope they can keep it under wraps a while longer. Elements that would turn the Cambodia bundle into a Chile kit for your album are fun to make yourself. And then you'd have your own Chile kit. That'd be neat. smiley I think there is also a Bolivia bundle here that I have used in the past for a Peru page....

I think I replied to your previous post before you edited it or something. I did end up getting the Cambodia bundle, I just loved the colors. But I also like the suggestion of mixing in some of the travel themed stuff from the recent blog train. So I'll have to dig through the virtual stash and see what I end up putting together. I suspect this project may end up being a big chunk of my SLM challenge this year. I do think that customizing a few elements might be fun, I have a vision in my head of trying to come up with some Chilean flag flair or something. smiley

Thank you again for all of your suggestions, Bina!

I'm literally thinking about the same thing right now. I've decided to go back in time and scrap all the photos from the year Jordan and I backpacked through Asia and Europe. I'm trying to decide how cohesive I want to make each album colorwise. If you want to wait a few months I'll have a lot more travel themed stuff coming out, although nothing for South America currently planned.

I can recommend a few more kits based on your color palette:
World Traveler
Bolivia, as Bina mentioned
This Beautiful Life
The Good Life: September
Spring Day

Thanks for the suggestions, Marisa! And now that I know you're going to be putting some more travel themed stuff out, I can wait a little. It's pretty much all I can do right now to keep my scrapbook current, and I'm hoping that the quarantine will be done by then/my husband can go back to the office and I can go back to sneaking upstairs to scrap while the boys are off playing! smiley

@Becky: I just sent a message to your Pixel Scrapper email with a few more details.