What is your favorite tv show?

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What is your favorite tv show?

If you could name your top 3 tv shows. what would they be?

I pick:
1. Outlander
2. Firefly
3. Friends

1- Blue Bloods
2-Schitts Creek
3-Dead to Me

1- 24
2- The closer
3- Downton abbey
but it is really hard to choose...

1. Brooklyn 99
2. New Girl
3. Law & Order SVU

Oak Island, Survivor, Big Brother and Amazing Race.

Melissa, my girls and I were obsessed with Oak Island but haven't checked it out in quite a while. We may have to go back and see if there are new episodes. smiley

The last season just stared last Tuesday, I would just start watching that, they are finally finding the treasures.

Yay...will look forward to checking it out again. The girls will be thrilled that treasures are finally being found!

Star Trek
Archeological digs in Saqqara

1) Parks and Rec
2) Breaking Bad
3) The Good Place

4) Longmire
5) House
6) Better Call Saul
7) Mrs. Maisel
smiley Arrested Development
9) The Office
10) Downton Abby
11) Handmaids Tale
12) Man in the High Castle (the beginning seasons)
13) Life in Pieces
14) Justified
15) Series of Unfortunate Events

...^ all my most recent favs of the last 5 or 6 years

Edit: haha, I find it funny that when you put an 8 with the ) it turns into a smiley. Well, its appropriate for that one. I like it.
Edit #2: How the heck did I forget The Great British Baking Show ? Add that.
Edit # 3: Aaaack. Law and Order. It's tough to pick 3!

Just about anything that would be considered a classic. I'm not into this new stuff at all.

I love Star Trek too!))

1-The vampire Diaries
2-the fosters
3-a series of unfortunate events

Outlander, Hands down!

I like you, couldn't stop at three. Although I only spend a limited amount of time on TV shows, so I am always playing catchup!

House, Mrs. Maisel, and Downton Abbey (so sad it's finished) would all make it onto my list. We also watch the Great British Bake Off and are part way through The Man in the High Castle. Currently, we're watching series two of A Discovery of Witches which is great. A few other favourites include Anne with an E, The Gilmore Girls and The Good Witch!

I'm afraid I never go into Breaking Bad, loads of people recommended it but after about 4 or 5 episodes I had to give it up. The office is another I am not a fan of, mainly because I am not a fan of Ricky Gervais (I believe in the USA there is a different cast.

Hard to say! Most of my favorites are probably anime. Though I enjoy pretty much anything of Aaron Sorkin's. Firefly was a favorite back in the day.

Has anyone watched Ted Lasso? It's easily my favorite TV show in a long time.

1. General Hospital
2. How I Met Your Mother
3. This is Us

this is actually really hard. ha.. I dont enjoy limiting favorites. smiley

I was avidly watching Oak Island, too! And there are a couple of other similar programs on the same channel now that I've been watching, namely Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, and now Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch. I also love genealogy shows like Who Do You Think You Are, Finding Your Roots and Long Lost Family. I love documentaries, history, and National Geographic's Drain the Oceans. There's a new show on the History Channel called History's Greatest Mysteries that I'm loving, and I like the discoveries unearthed in shows like Expedition Unknown.

Guess I can't name just 3 either! : )

Greys anatomy
Dr who the older doctors
mock the week

Ooo this is a hard one!

1. Supernatural
2. Anime (yup just anime in general lol)
3. Criminal Minds (I love crime shows but Spence is just amazing.)