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@Diane Hiller, we took our kits in similar directions. smiley

@Trish. Nice flags
@Dianne. Love your bear.
@Lisel. Great wave border.
@Robin. Your patterned papers are so pretty.
@Jessica. I really like your heart paper.
@Kelly. Looking forward to the moon & word art from your kit.
@Phyllis - Lovely shell elements & starfish (my favorite!)
@Tammy - Great fish paper!
@Kris - Looking forward to your telescope. Love your kit!
@Janet - Beautiful butterfly smiley

The colors this month are so fun.

Definitely looking forward to this train. These colors are right up there for some of my favorites, especially what I narrowed my copy of the palette down to.

But honestly, where did the month go? I did the papers early on, but then somewhere in there two weeks went by and I was like, "Wait, it's almost August already? I need to finish my kit!"

Here is my part. The link will be up on Aug 1st.

Funtastic kits here, girls!
Jessica, Amanda, Janet, Phyllis, Pauline, Trish: cannot wait to play with your pretties smiley

The kits look awesome! Ty everyone for creating such beautiful kits for the upcoming BT


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