Oct 2020 Blog Train - Final List

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Oct 2020 Blog Train - Final List

Sign up below with your lovely contributions to this month's blog train.

If you'd like to leave comments, questions, thanks, etc, please do so in this post.

Please post the following in this thread:

  1. Preview Image
  2. Link to your blog or direct link to the freebie if you don't have a blog.

Your part of the blog train does not need to be live until October 1.

Please note that if you are having problems with one of the links, please contact that designer directly. I have no control over their portions. Remember to be polite because they've worked hard to make something wonderful, for free. :)

Also, if you're claiming a spot for later, when you're ready to post your part, please post it at the end of the list so people can find it easily. I'll delete your reserve comment.

***Only post in this thread if you are posting a link to your part for the blog train.***

On the blog:

Also, check the blog for a Facebook freebie!

This will be available to dowload starting 1am Arizona time on October 1st.
Here is the link: https://krisandlarry.com/2020/10/01/october-2020-blog-hop-pixelscrapper-just-us-in-denim-kit-digital-scrapbooking

Here is my part. Will Be available on my BLOG and COMMONS on October 1st.

Download from my blog...

Here is my contribution.

Facebook link

Here's my very first Blog Train contribution, Destination: Retirement.

I decided to go with a retirement theme since I haven't seen any kits with this theme and my husband finally retired.
Here's a live link to the download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18Oz5TD7rPNhND-wdNQy1eSsTuyT1rvZZ/view?usp=sharing
OR download with this link:

Available on my facebook:

Most pieces also in commons - here.

On my BLOG October 1 --

Here is my contribution

Download here

I decided to go with the Blue Jeans theme for my kit which will be available on my blog HERE on 1st October.

Hey! I am so sorry that my papers aren't up. My computer died and I don't have access to that file.
More complications has arrived. I'm so sorry that I don't have a computer to put up the files. This computer that I am using now, isn't mine and the one that has my blog train files, died! I'm so sorry that this happened. I hope you can please forgive me. Wishing you a great day!

I've opted to go with a traditional Samhain (the original Halloween, a pagan religious holiday) theme for my kit. The blog post will go live at 1am on September 30th.

Somehow, today, the satellite internet that usually limits my upload and download speeds to rates I haven't seen since the days of 56k modems managed to get all 60MB of the ZIPs uploaded in about an hour. Miracles happen sometimes! smiley

Mine will be on my website on October 1st, too...

Lots of fun elements and additional papers in the Commons HERE!

I'm so happy I can join this month blog train! Wonderful kits so far!
My part here:

It will be available on my blog on 1st October...

Download at DigitalScrapbook.com HERE or on my blog HERE

Hi everyone! Here is my preview showing all the kits. Decided to bundle the whole lot into 1 zip file as uploading many individually was taking way too long. Its about 220-odd mbs...I apologize ... I know its huge.


Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jhct9flfxjmsqw8/file

Will be available October 1st on my blog or here for DigitalScrapbook.com subscribers.

I've got two previews for just one download this month. you can get it from my blog here from 1st Oct

My portion will be available on my Facebook page throughout October. smiley

Available on my blog! Have fun smiley

Image is Link. Enjoy!

Here is my contribution to this month's blog train:

If you are a DigitalScrapbook.com subscriber you can download this kit here, otherwise you'll also be able to find it at my FB-page.

If you like this kit; other coordinating kits can be found here at DigitalScrapbook.com:

I'm slowly getting back into the design saddle .... so I decided to join in this one.
Link will be available on September 30th. On my Linktree. - https://linktr.ee/loveitscrapit


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