Oct 2020 Blog Train - Comments

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Oct 2020 Blog Train - Comments

Please use this thread for any comments, questions, thanks, etc you have for our designers participating in the blog train. To see the blog train list, visit this post.

Please remember that the blog train does not go live until October 1, so the actual freebie on the blog may not yet be posted.

I'm SOOOOOooooo ready for fall here in the USA, and this blog train is just what I need to get my fall on! Thank you in advance for all the hard work you all have put into your creations, and for sharing all of it with the rest of us! I love designing and sharing my art, too, and I appreciate all the more all the work you all must put in! smiley

Well, I may not be as ready for Fall, but I *am* ready for Halloween!
And I love to see what gorgeous creations all you talented artists have come up with!!!!

Thank you, thank you!!! smiley

Many thanks, ladies for these "two" blogtrains! I love both! smiley

Janet Kemp, is there a link to your kit? I'm not seeing it. smiley

Lovely designs! I love wearing and sewing denim, so seeing all of these jeans elements and papers makes me happy.

Thanks everyone for your amazing contributions! I can't wait to get started. I've started to make a patchwork denim quilt so I'll have to document my progress!

Apologies for the missing link! I went ahead and edited the post that leads to my Facebook page. Thanks for letting me know Lisel!

smiley YW! And thank you!

Thank you so much for all your contributions! It's amazing to see the creativity every month! Thanks again!

Hi Lisel, scroll slightly up on the image of her kit, you will see the message Skip or Click Like Above, click Skip & the link becomes enabled!

Thanks, Chitra. Once she did put her link up, I didn't have any issues downloading it.
And, by the way, I really love your take on the last few blog trains!
You have such a unique and beautiful way of combining elements!
Thank you so much for sharing! smiley

You're welcome Lisel...Glad you like my contributions!

Lovely work, everyone! It's so interesting to see the variety with just one palette!

Thank you so much everyone!

Phyllis Storm

I just want to say a huge THANK YOU For your wonderful Best Witches Bundle that you created for the October 2020 Blogtrain. I had such a blast creating Layouts and coming up with a whole series to do for the Halloween week - the last week of October!! That was so much fun!!

Thank you so much!!

Robynne Lozier

Thank you so much, Robynne! Your pages have all been wonderful and I am so glad you liked my kit and had fun with it.