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Feb 2021 Blog Train - Working

The themes listed are OPTIONAL. You are free to choose whatever works for you. Also, you don't have to use all the colors.

Please read the new guidelines before finishing your contribution.

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I'm gearing up to make a wedding album for Thani and his new wife, so this palette was specially chosen with their wedding in mind.

These colors are sublime! Looking forward to this palette! smiley

very beautiful palette, love this to! smiley

wonderful theme!

Then I'm definitely going the wedding route then! How fun! Did they have a theme/feel/style that was specific? Which were their main colors? If I'm going to do it, might as well do it with them in mind.

And here is the .aco file

They didn’t really have any main colors, so I just pulled these colors from their photos. For theme I guess I would say magical woodland.

Beautiful...I have some things started that are not normally my style, but I'm really liking them, and it's feeling really creative!

Although I personally prefer cool colours, I enjoyed working with this palette. Here's what I've created for February. I combined the themes of love with the woods.

Love the idea of wedding as I am doing my wedding albulm as well. I am mostly using Rustic Charm...my favourite kit so far!

One of the papers in this kit I made from a photo I took on my 10th wedding anniversary, on Mt. Rainier, Washington state. It was a beautiful waterfall flowing over a rock wall, and I took the photo from above it. The rock wall is what I turned into a paper. I hope you enjoy!

will be available at PS and on my blog.

I LOVE the rich colors! Wedding it is! I am excited.♥

Wedding Mini

Making my place holder. I do like all the colors here on this one.

Such lovely colors! If we want to go with the Magical Woodland Wedding theme (based on Thani and his new wife) would it be possible to see a few more photos to get more of a feel of the style of their wedding? I love the theme idea but it would help to see a couple more inspiration photos.

Even after all these years, I still love Valentine's Day. Starting with my husband of almost 48 years, each new son-in-law, daughter-in-law and grandchild, my heart just keeps growing. Then add in all of my horses and smaller pets -- love knows no bounds. It's all sort of a puzzle that just fits together so perfectly.

I'll send you a message Janet!

Diane, I love your kit. That's so cute!

Marisa, thanks so much!

Diane, very cute. love it!

The palette ideas made me want a fun texture.

ok, my kit in my blog ...1 February smiley

Fabulous kits here, ladies! smiley Here is a lil notebook kit. I find myself using those a lot these days.
@Elizabeth Minkus: smiley

Hi this is my mini kit, I just realized I left the old blog train on it, I'll change it for the first of February when it goes live. I can't wait to see the scrapbook pages from the wedding. If I could go back 19 years, we would definitely have a magical woodland wedding!

Such a fun idea, Sarah. Your chevron page is awesome!

This train is looking so pretty! Getting excited about February! smiley

A veered a little with this theme and went with a Rustic Honeymoon to go with all those Rustic Wedding kits. smiley


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