How do you feel about photo editing?

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How do you feel about photo editing?

I usually do a slight edit to my photos before adding them to a scrapbook page. I usually stick to something pretty minimal and “natural” when I’m doing it, although I admire people who have a stronger edit style that they add to their photos. I do occasionally like to go all in and add a bunch of crazy stuff to a photo I think is a little lackluster though.

My favorite adjustment to make to a photo is to adjust the Curves slightly to brighten up the photo.

What are your thoughts on photo editing? Do you spend a lot of time on it?

I do! I'll add a vibrant filter usually as I find the colours don't seem to pop the way they do in real life. Or I'll play around until the focal point stands out somewhat.

Occasionally I'll play around to get a neat effect that's obvious, but I don't do that too often.

I always edit my photos...holdover from my pro photog days. I have actions that I use in Photoshop, so it's relatively automatic to run and then I just tweak. A camera can never really see the vividness and contrast that our human eyes see, so I always feel the need to edit a photo. I once read that a long-time photographer said something along the lines of "I've yet to meet an image that did not need editing". The Photoshop actions speed everything up for me.

I am also used to edit my photos, especially colors and borders. If necessary and if possible, I can also delete a small person who "spoils" a landscape.

I’m always amazed by how even a small edit can really improve a photo. But I’m a little hesitant to apply something too obvious. I usually just stick with some brightening. I do all my editing on the phone. I like the app A Color Story, which is how I added all that fun stuff to Iona’s photo. This app even have the curves function, which isn’t often available outside of Photoshop. Google Photos recently updated their editing features and it’s good enough that I’ve switched over to using it, unless I want to do something really fancy.

Such a cute effect too Marisa! I love the little sparkles esp! Editing photos like that is just plain fun!

I am very much in the "photo editing" camp. I have almost all the actions from Greater than Gatsby and I really love them! I use them all the time. My first set was the wet plate collection that my husband gifted me several years ago [lol he knows me well!]. I have used it a lot to turn photos into daguerreotype looking ones. I have found its one of the most authentic looking actions for old photos - esp dags. Altho I own a dag and really no modern camera nor amount of editing can capture an image so perfectly as daguerreotypes can. Maybe I am a little biast tho...all the same I find the action amazing!

I agree with Linda the camera rarely captures what my eye sees or the mood I want to reflect. That's where editing comes in. Usually I am just adjusting the colors and sharpening the details.

But for me the kind of photo editing I really like to do is more of an art, so I end up spending more time doing it. I just recently got the Innocence Snow Day collection and its so fun to turn an ordinary photo into a blizzardy wintry one. Obviously when I do these kind of edits they are not so much centered on documenting. So I guess it really depends on the purpose of the photos too as to how I am editing them. I actually wish I had more time to do photo editing as I really LOVE doing this kind of thing.

It's truly amazing what a little tweak can do. I also wish I had time to really play with an image but my practical side says I have too many photos to scrapbook, so I shouldn't. But like Myriam, if a person or anything is screwing up my image, I've been known to take it out. Or if everyone in a group pic is smiling and one person's eyes are closed - I'll switch heads. hahaha

If I'm planning to do something special with an image - like put it on a canvas or something - then I'll generally take the time to do something a bit more artsy.

I love photo repair and I do a bunch for family and friends and I will admit I do more photo repair then scrapebooking ... my sister in law and friends keeps me supplied of photos to redo ..

I took a class online from Aaron Nace from Phlearn .. I wanted to learn basics to Photoshop and he has some awesome classes he had a class on photo repair that I took to improve it helped allot ..

he has a membership and loved his class/videos so much I became a member .. also learn allot about Photoshop and Photo repair from a guy on youtube his site is PiXimperfect ... if you look on youtube Arron is Phlearn on youtube .. absolute love Aaron's teaching

I do sometimes, and if you look at my gallery, I really enjoy black and white, and my new love is a matte b&w. But I wouldn't say editing is a "must" for me.

I am an avid editor. I'm not sure which I like the most - taking the picture or editing it. The camera can be fooled, and often is. I shoot in RAW format and edit in Adobe Lightroom. The camera doesn't 'see' the way the human eye sees, but RAW can capture everything and it can be brought out of hiding in the editing process. I'm not trying to turn my photos into works of art, just improving the elements that are already in the photo. I also edit scanned photos. I've scanned a ton of very old family photos at high resolution and save as TIF until I finish editing them, then save as JPG.

I usually edit my photos because i dont have the best camera haha
I do sometimes also edit them with transparent background + shadow for some layouts
This is an absolutely adorable picture btw 😊

I don't edit because I really don't know how. I use my iPhone to take photos. Any good (and easy) editing tutorials for iPhone?

I don't edit (unless it's a head swap or occasionally removing some background distraction) as much as I develop my photos in Lightroom. I shoot RAW and need to convert to JPEG, so I develop the light a bit once I'm there anyway.

I'm definitely in the photo editing camp. Though I have a bunch of actions that I've either bought or created that make basic editing easy. I don't tend to get too artsy...have never really even attempted. I may need to try that! That said, if I have a random object/article of clothing that doesn't match the palette of a kit, I won't hesitate to change it (in the attached image the bear was a bright mustard orange...but I changed it to suit the kit/layout).

I typically edit my photos as I scrap them. I brighten or add a little more contrast if they seem washed out. I sometimes also fix a hair out of place, a pimple on a face (I'm a mom of teens who hate their picture being taken), but that's really it. I used to love using photo actions to add filters and presets, but haven't done that in a LONG time.

It's not something I love doing, but it really can make a difference. Trying to get better and more patient with it!

Editing is less of a thing with the iPhone, the pics are so perfect that I hardly ever need to do anything apart from cropping maybe. With a camera I end up editing in proportion to the quality of the camera, rediculously. smiley
Photo repair is something that I haven't done much.

I do edit when needed. I more mess around with cropping images, and if a touch up or color alteration needs to happen then I do. I'm learning though that I need to lighten photos more when I'm having them printed, they are printing a bit darker than they appear digitally.

I have a bit of a recipe I follow.. mostly because I have spent years as a professional photographer. I like clean edits, consistent with real life but I love a contrasting black and white and sometimes I'll do whole events in that - or sets of photos as I do project life.

I often don't, because I'm lazy and have a zillion photos to scrapbook. (No joke, I have like 20 years' worth. smiley ) But if I have the time I usually adjust the levels if necessary to better balance the photo and sometimes bump the saturation. Some of mine are a lost cause. lol The lighting in our house is TERRIBLE, so a lot of my day-to-day kid pics are just not that great and never going to be. I'm lucky if they're not too blurry.

Confession....tho I've become quite comfortable in Photoshop @ creating digital scrapbook layouts & kits....I don't have the first clue about editing a photo. *face palm*

Luckily, my husband does. smiley So....if I NEED a photo edited, he helps...but, honestly, I usually just use them as is.

I like to edit photos but just pretty basic things like cropping, taking out flaws, and wires etc.
I have removed entire backgrounds but it's not something I enjoy doing.
I have fun with overlays like sparkles or something like that too.

I LOVE photo editing...especially if it make me look skinnier with perfect skin! haha But alas, I am not that good. I like to do photo editing for sharpening colors, turning photos black and white, small skin corrections on people like removing a stain on a shirt, or a blemish on a face. I also like cropping the photos for better subject focus.