Ideas for 2021 Blog Trains - April, May, June

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Ideas for 2021 Blog Trains - April, May, June

Time to brainstorm some new color palettes and theme ideas for the spring!

April showers bring May flowers; Mother's Day; Father's Day; School's out; Hit the trails (hiking?); planting the garden; spring cleaning (inside & out); birds returning; new baby animals (perfect for baby themes); Easter.

Here are some items from a site I have that shows various holidays:

Keep America Beautiful Month
Lawn and Garden Month
National Kite Month

Gifts from the Garden Month
National Barbecue Month
National Bike Month
National Photograph Month

Aquarium Month
Candy Month
Great Outdoors Month
Rose Month

How about making (at least) one of the suggested topics from now on for each month's blog train southern hemisphere friendly? It could be seasonal or regional holidays or something I haven't thought of (not very awake yet). I know I'd really enjoy it, even though as a northern hemisphere resident it would sometimes feel like opposite world!

Such great ideas, @Tina! Photo Month? Sounds great!
@Sara Palmer: Oh, we would love that!
Love this one from pinterest

Thank you Sarah, I love the more general kits that work in any season! I don’t want to leave people out either, but I can’t do much with snowy January stuff when it’s 37 degrees here 🤣 Thanks for thinking of us! I have loved the colour palettes and more general themes over that past year. So much to work with 😀

The first palette could easily be used for fall (for those in the southern hemisphere) but could also be beautiful for spring. The second is just because I love the color combo...though it would need a few more colors added...neutrals and potentially a green. The last solely because I'm SOOOO over snowstorms and am into a beachy theme.

Here's my suggestions for palettes. I've checked all 4 palettes, they all are within gamut.

Everyone knows I'm bad at themes. lol But here are some color palette ideas, they all feel bright and sunny.

I like the theme ideas suggested by Tina Golden but I would like to suggest instead of "Keep America Beautiful" maybe "World Peace". It could represent either where you live or a place you would like to travel to.

I'd also like to see a religion train (neutral colors) that represents different religions (or non-religion). That way, no matter where a person is from or what their preference, they can participate.

I do like themes because it gives me a specific direction. If there's too many options, I have a hard time picking one.

some colors ideas

I love all the vibrant and bright colour schemes. Certainly they seem fitting for the time of year (northern hemisphere) but also in general for the mood of the world - I’m definitely preferring to work in bright fun colours after all the 👎 that’s been going on around me, and I feel like others are too. Or maybe I just hang out online with like-minded people! 😆

Here is a site i found for fun holidays throughout the year. lots of ideas for kit themes

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