March 2021 DC Color Qi: Cerulean

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March 2021 DC Color Qi: Cerulean

Qi as in Chinese, literally: air, breath. power, life. So we are looking for the essence of Jacques, what you think this color says.

Edit on March 7th 2021
Here is a 100% off code for the Cerulean mini.

Please share your creation here with us.

Have fun!

Love this color! Created two pallets.Trying to decide which one to make into a kit. I really enjoy these challenges. Thank you.

Here's what I came up with for this challenge. I might add some more elements before I post it on my blog. I haven't decided if I want to keep going or just be done with it, lol.

Such great takes.
@Robin Sampson: Both of your swatches are just adorbs, will defs play with both. And what beautiful patterns, I'm a sucker for flowers.
@Jennifer Morgan: Fab swatch, so pretty! I need to play, love the presence of the darkest color and the shine on that pearl is really cool.

OH, I just love that little purple flower. So pretty!

Thanks, Bina and Lisel! smiley

Another color pallet.

@Robin Sampson: smiley Such a beautiful swatch, Robin and transfers! I always use them when the are included in a kit and yours look so balanced and 'tying together', just fab smiley

My software program will not allow me to use the color number you gave us, it INSISTS on 98B3D1, so that's why my swatch has that number in it. Thanks for the challenge!

Looks great @Lisel Rice. Thanks for playing along, I like that darker swatch a lot. What software is it?

Hi, I tried to visit your blog at the link on your PixelScrapper profile, but I kept getting a message that the site couldn't be reached.

I have mini kit:

Cintia: Oh, so beautiful, Cintia, looks great. Thanks for playing.
@Lisel Rice: I added this. Hope it helps-

this is what I came up with. @Robin: Thanks for the color swatch!

Beautiful page Bina! Thank you for using my kit!

Girls I love what you did!

@Sarah Evans: What a geat set, Sarah. smiley Thank you for playing along.

thanks bina

Here is a 100% off code for the Cerulean mini good thru March 2021.

Thank you for the kit, Bina; as usual, your work is beautiful!

Hello Jennifer
Are you going to be uploading your contribution? Thanks for sharing your talent with us. Rebecca

smiley @Deborah Craytor: So sweet of you to say, Deborah, thank you.