WLM 2021 LC - Squares

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WLM 2021 LC - Squares

Use squares!

The Details

  1. Challenge ends when February does.
  2. This challenge is part of our Winter Layout Madness. Read more about that here.
  3. Be sure to post your layout in this month's completion thread if you would like to earn download credits. More details here.
  4. You must tag your layouts with this tag: wlm 2021
  5. See entered layouts here.
  6. See updated rules here.

wlm 2021

I made the tiles used in the top and bottom border using a dingbat font called PEONI PATTERNS (easily available for free on web- just google the name). The blended background photo and the framed photo are the same.


VLM 30/29

Here's On the Road Again... 11/40:

WLM 1/10
Love using squares, great challenge.



1/5 -- and it's only 2/7 . . . .
Flying During COVID

I give up -- I can't get a picture to post . . . I keep getting a box with a broken link no matter what site I try to post from. Eventually I'll get it figured out smiley

Melissa - Perhaps I can help?

Step 1 - when you have uploaded your Layout, right click the image and click - Copy Image Location

Step 2 - open up the forum you are posting to and open a reply box. At top left are some editing tools. Click the far left tool yellow square (hover cursor over it and it says it is the "insert/edit image" tool)

step 3 - paste the image location into the white top box and in the bottom 2 boxes choose the size - no bigger than 700 pixel squared - i personally use 500 pixels in both lower boxes. Save that link

step 4 - go back to the url of your image (where you uploaded it) and copy/paste that url

step 5 - come back to the forum thread and click the second from left box above (insert/edit link) and paste the url in the top white box. Make sure that the text that is already in the reply box is highlighted so that it shows up in the bottom white box. Save the link.

step 6 - Click Post Reply button and your image should show up complete with a link back to the gallery...

Hope this works for you...

When you do this as often as I have, it becomes so automatic smiley

1 of 5 done! (Sorry with Robynne's help I was able to do this but now I have to posts. Admin, please delete the post with no picture if you feel it's appropriate)

5&6 of 5!!!!

Thank you @Robynne Lozier so much! I'll save these until it becomes 2nd nature to me too! Greatly appreciate the help!

SO glad my instructions were clear enough to use. Congrats on getting your image to show up.

Don't worry about deleting old posts. We generally just leave them there.

It gives the forum some "colour" smiley

Here is my layout. A bunch of squares describing myself. I have used a ton of fonts and photos.

1/10 wlm 2021

My layout 1 for 5

Had some fun with squares! smiley


Here is my second page layout for the WLM 2021 LC - Squares

Here is mine:

WLM 11/15

WLM 12/15

Squares in Indonesia!!!

WLM 24/15

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