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FAQ in this week's newsletter

I'm going to try something a little new, and start writing a bit in the weekly Pixel Scrapper newsletter. The newsletter feels a bit more private and less permanent than writing on the blog or here in the forums, so I'm going to see how it goes. If you have any questions for me about anything really, let me know below. I'm open to personal questions, or scrapbooking questions. Whatever you're wondering about.

If you don't think you're subscribed to the newsletter, you can sign up here.

thanks Marisa, i am soubscribed a newletters ...pseudo : lady22 smiley

YAY!! I like that idea.

Awe that will be fun! smiley

How do you find all the time to do everything? Maybe a glimpse into your time management style? I'm always looking for a more efficient way to get things done smiley

I would like it too smiley

That sounds great!

Just subcribed, I can't wait to see what you write about!

Hi Marisa,

It's nice to know I have another means of contacting you, if needed. Will you answer this comment section on Mondays and Thursdays?

P.S. It looks like another sunny day in Mexico. Sorry, no clouds.
P.S.S. See you at breakfast in a few minutes!

I know you have talked a little bit about it in the past, but I would like to know a little bit more about spending time in Mexico. Things like how long you can stay down there at a time, the area you are in, how safe do you feel, how easy/hard is it to get across the border with Covid, etc. It is perfectly fine if this is to personal for you and you don't want to say. Enjoy the sun!!! Here in Indiana it is in the 20's with snow on the ground and more to come!

P.S. Your dad! smiley smiley smiley smiley

Love the first “new” newsletter.

And can I just say “tasky tasks” made me giggle. 😂👍

Marisa, the weekly newsletters are a highlight of my week. I lost my husband 7 months ago so I haven't been capable of doing any scrapping or crafting but for a few minutes each week, I love looking at the bright, colorful graphics and thinking about all of you creating. I look forward to reading your messages.

Thanks for answering my question! I too get a lot done organically but always looking to get more done. I'm my own worse critic! All my friends are amazed at how much I get done but I feel like I have a lot of items I never get to. I'm working on it and your line about deciding to move to the next list or scratch, made me feel better smiley Thanks for all the amazing work you do!!!!

Thanks everyone!

@Dad: lol

@Melissa Sullivan - I am a Project Manager IRL and a time management trainer smiley - My advice is always the same to everyone. Make a weekly list and never ever roll anything on the list over to the next week. IF you end up with things that are not done, assess them - are they things that 'really' needed to be done OR were they a) just a reminder really b) something that YOU didn't want to do, but that someone asked you to do. In my private life, I write a monthly list that is ONLY as long as the month has days - so this month my list has a maximum of 28 things. In my job my weekly list (I currently manage 114 projects) can be quite lengthy and the top 10 are generally the same, as they are weekly tasks. But I never ever roll over tasks, some Friday's I work a longer day to ensure that I do the things that I SHOULD have done during the week. If this happens it is generally a wake-up call for the coming week that I need to get crackalacking earlier!! Message me if you want more one to one advice, always happy to help. Cx

Also loved today's newsletter @marisa - there were a few kits and layouts I hadn't seen and it was super interesting to hear your take on living in another Country during Covid times. I get asked a lot of questions about this, I am hopeful that we can sort out the UK/US border issues soon and I can go home and see my parents..

Wow, Marisa - I didn't know you'd moved. Thought you were there for a vacation. How fabulous! And what an experience to live abroad. We'd thought about doing that years ago but never got our act together. Will your kids learn Spanish while there? Can't wait to hear more about raising your family in Mexico. Good for you!

I've got a couple of questions, having been to several different parts of Mexico many years ago. My sister has been a frequent visitor & was talking about buying a home there but has not travelled there since the pandemic as our govt has a manditory quarantine.

How is your Spanish, as you're in a small town are you able to use English or do you mostly rely on Spanish? Is there another language spoken in your part of Mexico? (I know Mexico's states are quite varied & many have different languages of the different local indigenous people.) Which state/region of Mexico do you live in? Why did you chose that particular location?

Thanks for indulging my curiosity about living in Mexico. I have been there a few times but not in like 20 years. I would love some nice warm weather right now instead of the 20 degrees we have been blessed with here today. Although, I will try not to complain to much because I really like being hot less than being cold and I am sure come summer time, I will be wishing for the colder weather.

Hi Marisa,
I hadn’t caught up with your news of moving to Mexico. Must be so nice to be close to your parents. My Dad is in France - no way we’ll be moving there 😆 It’s super hot and humid here in Melbourne right now.

I also liked reading your schedule tips last week. For those reading along, I think there’s two separate questions with this stuff - one is organisation and the other is energy levels. You can always learn to be more organised, but that won’t give you more stamina. You can probably only get the same amount of things done, unless you have boundless energy. So it’s often about cutting out unnecessary or less important things from your week, or finding quicker ways to do tasks.

Love the new email section. I’m more likely to read an email than a blog post!

Oh my! I didn't realize you were living in Mexico either! Stay safe.

Thanks for all the comments! I'll pick up some of these questions in the next newsletter.

I have a Mexico question! My husband is from Mexico. His family is in (this is how he told me to write it!) Ejido los cuyos de caoba Balancan Tabasco.
I would love to go and visit his family since we have been married for 13 years! But, I've heard bad bad things about white people going to Mexico and even he worries about it. Of course, he left at 17 and hasn't been there since.
Where they are is like super country and the biggest town is about an hour away. They don't even have mailboxes! Is it really bad there or is the problem mostly at the border?

@Elizabeth: I think it really depends on where you are going in Mexico. I think most of the trouble tends to be focused around the borders and actually generally foreigners are thought to be safer because most of the violence is between Mexican gangs who aren't really interested in getting involved with other governments. If your husband has family in that town I'm sure they would be very welcoming and very happy to see the both of you.

Just read the new newsletter, the pics of Lona's first birthday are so sweet. And thanks for adding the recipe, I have tried one of these cakes at my niece's house and loved it, been wanting to try and make one, it looks simple enough for this old lady to try... so will be making it soon. I also wanted to say I'm sorry I didn't get layouts added to the gallery this past month but will try to get some done this month. Thanks for all you designers do to make this an awesome site. Have a GREAT DAY! smiley

Let me know if you try to cake Alta!

I love the idea of the extra in the news later, it's so much fun to read. Thought Dad's post message me think it's an extra awesome blessing living so close.