March 2021 Blog Train - Working

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I am hoping this works since people had problems with my last kit. could someone please test the link here? Thanks

Aw, thank you Kelly!

@ Sarah E - I tried the link and it worked perfectly smiley

@Elizabeth M thanks so much

@Stephanie, I adore the string lights!

Enjoyed what I have been seeing here! This will certainly be a bright & cheery train!

Here is what I will be offering March 1st.

Beautiful kits everyone ! Here's my part.

Very beautiful @Sabyne! smiley

Thank you Jessica !

Hi, its working... Thanks!

Oh my! I can't wait till tomorrow! You are all so creative and talented! I look forward to the first of each month for these kits.

Here is mine, available on my blog now:

Is there a final post I missed?

Robin, I don't see the Final List post for March yet.

I am going to have so much fun with this train - everyone's kits are just awesome! My mini will be available on my Facebook page after midnight tonight.

Thanks Anne.

Sorry I completely forgot to post the final list thread! Posting it now.


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