Where will you take your next vacation?

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Where will you take your next vacation?

2020 has been quite the year with most of us confined to our homes, I know that my summer vacation plans were ruined due to covid and now I have started getting plans together for this year. fingers crossed that the US does not have travel bans again. I'm originally from Buffalo NY, but have lived in North Florida for the past 40 years. Last summer we were going to take a trip up the east coast and visit New England, since I had never ventured to this part of the country before. So we are going to give it a go again this summer. which will bring new photos and new scrapping ideas. Where are you planning your next vacation or Holiday?

My next holidays are very very far due to awful Covid. But when things are peaceful again, I hope to visit (one more time) the Basque country (both in France and in Spain), also visiting some European regions thanks to a cruise. I hope so and cross my fingers, like you Melissa. May 2021 bring hope !

I sure hope things are looking better. My husband is part of the Pfizer vaccine trial for covid 19, it's looking very promising. I'm going to wear my mask, and pray for the best.
We took a Germany river cruise one year ago this week, and I loved every minute of it. My husband and I were probably the youngest on the boat but still enjoyed it. We got to visit one Christmas market in Vienna that was so beautiful and so much fun. I wish I would have had more time there.

Good to know, Melissa. Thank you for the optimistic news smiley
I never visited Germany and Austria, but they seem to have fabulous natural mountain landscapes smiley

My husband and I drove from Barcelona to Carcassonne (France) is that the Basque region? I loved the Castle town of Carcassonne so much, It was my first time seeing anything like that.

No, sorry, Carcassonne is located in a region called Occitanie (Occitania) which is my region smiley I visited the beautiful Carcassonne years ago, impressive old city !

The Basque Country is on the Atlantic side, both in Spain and in France. The French side is famous for its stripped fabrics.

Barcelona (I love this city too smiley) is in Catalonia, on the Mediterranean side ☺ Deliciiiious food smiley

So interesting, I can't wait to go back one day.

I hope you will, Melissa smiley

I'm hoping to do a cross-country road trip the entire month of June 2021 from Seattle to PA and back, stopping along the way to see things (and take photos) and visit places I haven't been to yet.

2020 was terrible for my travel plans. It started with my trip to Australia to hike in Tasmania and attend my son's wedding in Melbourne. I left the end of Feb. and by March 1st, I was so sick (fever, chills, extreme fatigue, nausea, nasal congestion). I went to the ER, but there were no tests for Covid yet and I didn't have a fever since I took paracetamol (like Tylenol). I ran a fever all and on for 10 days and couldn't even enjoy the wedding, leaving early. I didn't know I had Covid until I paid for an antibody blood test in May and it was positive (which I suspected).

I was also supposed to do a road trip to Banff to camp, hike and explore a gorgeous area for the first time, but with the border closed, that was out.

I was supposed to hike the Camino de Santiago this April 2021, but with the pandemic still going strong, I've postponed it until 2022 or 2023.

Wow, Covid messed up so many plans for so many people. One of these summers I would like to do the cross country trip. Hopefully things will work out this year for most of us.

Well, we are saving up to take our next big vacation. It will be a celebration trip...hubby retires in 2023 so we are taking our "bucket list" trip...Alaskan Cruise!
We'll skip a big trip for a year or so but we live in Deep South Texas (Rio Grande Valley) and am just a few miles from South Padre Island so its kinda a vacation all the time!

I loved Alaska, I did a week on the train tour and then flew to the cruise. I would totally go back.

Here in the UK we usually go to my son's favourite Haven Holidays site down in Devon Cliffs (where hubby used to holiday as a child) as our get away got cancelled last year, but sadly the site is only static caravans so we may take him to the one I grew up going to as you can camp on that one and for the price - all being well - we might be able to do 2 camping holidays, restrictions dependant.

That sounds wonderful, I sure hope you get your two camping holidays.

Leave next week to go to Myrtle Beach where we will do the same thing we do at home. Stay away from people by doing outdoor activities. At least there it won't be artic temps! We are big geocachers so we do a lot of walking/hiking. Temps in the mid 50s is perfect for it!

Awesome, My husband is from Myrtle beach have a great time!

Probably western Canada first.

I've seen a lot of the Canadian east coast (dad is from Nova Scotia), American midwest (mom is from Iowa), American south, and some of the US west but I've never been west of Ontario in Canada. I'd like to see Alberta & British Columbia, especially the mountains and the coast.

I also want to go back to Algonquin provincial park. It's a large wilderness park (about the size of Delaware & Rhode Island combined), about a 3 hour drive from Toronto. It's in the Canadian Shield and has over 1500 lakes and lots of trees and rocks. It's wonderful canoeing on its lakes or hiking its trails.

After that, I'd love to see Italy again (been 3 times so far), I love the people, the scenery, the art and the history. However, since my last visit, I'm low carb for health reasons, I don't know how difficult that would be in Italy.

BTW I'm in Toronto, have been to Buffalo often but I can understand why you moved to Florida - snow! (For those who don't know our neighbours in upstate New York including Buffalo get lots more snow than we do in most of southern Ontario & Toronto Canada. They get "lake effect" snow - the prevailing winds pick up a lot of moisture coming across the lakes & dump it as snow on upstate New York including Buffalo.)

I really like New England & Boston is a cool city, my mom went to school there & I really enjoyed visiting it, lots of history. If you have the time, visit Nova Scotia, it's a beautiful province, especially on the coast. Although it's out of your way, Quebec City is the most European city in North America (skip Montreal though.)

We have considered visiting Nova Scotia, we are big Oak Island fans. smiley Hopefully by the summer we can cross the border. smiley

We are heading to Marco Island, FL tomorrow. Currently feeling the chill in Brooklyn. We will continue to quarantine there, just as we are doing here. Hoping the sun will warm us up though.

It should it was chilly for us Floridians last week but it's starting to warm up today. Have a great time.

It rarely snows here in Western Australia if it does it will be down south of us at the Stirling Ranges and that would not last long, I'd love to see snow again as I was brought up in Sommerset England and always loved the winters there, cold n all! Here I cant seem to get the hang of the heat even after over 50yrs of being here... you think I would but no. Let see, seeing as we cant afford to go overseas and we're stuck in WA for now because of covid... I would love to get into the bush with my camera down south and seeing as the Stirling Ranges are the coolest ... yup... I'd pick there to take photographs of the eagles.

I never realized it snowed in Australia, I guess you learn something new everyday. smiley

We're thinking of a trip to Asheville, NC (hubs' hometown) this summer. We'll probably still stay in, go for hikes with the dogs and enjoy the mountain air. We're in Florida, so a trip north during the summer is a nice escape from the heat.

Frankly speaking, I`m not thinking about it, as my vacation will be next year.

I'm always thinking about my next adventure, be it next year or in 10 years. I love, love, love to travel and see to places and have new experiences. Call me a daydreamer... smiley