What do you want to see on the home page?

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What do you want to see on the home page?

Hi all. We are thinking about redesigning the home page you see when you log into Pixel Scrapper.

Please vote on this poll and let us know any thoughts you have for how the home page could be improved.

What do you think should be the main focus of the Pixel Scrapper home page?

Both: I want to see recent and featured products AND an activity feed
53% (50 votes)
Prominent featuring of recent products, highlighted products, etc.
26% (25 votes)
Other (please lave a comment below explaining what you would like to see)
14% (14 votes)
Activity feed of everything that's happening on the site
5% (5 votes)
Total votes: 94

I already like the homepage now, it's clear and I'm used to it, I don't really see how to do better.
But thank you for all the work you do smiley

I like it how it is, it is simple and easy to navigate.

I really like the changes!

I agree with the others. It's what I'm used to, easy to navigate. Why fix it if it's not broken? smiley

I like how it is. It's easy to use and navigate.

I like the way the homepage is organized - easy to navigate. The only thing I would change is to perhaps be able to scroll the Bundles in New Products and Spotlight like you do for looking at Layout Inspiration rather than hitting "See More".

I, too, like the homepage as it is. Perhaps you could give us a link to a mock-up page with the changes you are thinking of making and we could vote once we see it?

I like the left column as is. The rest can be both recent products and an activity feed.

I also like the home page as it is. I find it easy to navigate, even before coffee! The only problem I have is that the notifications button is slightly under the "great new article" link, but that could be my laptop! I do like the clean look of the home page, and find it easy on the eyes. I understand wanting to freshen things up after a while, but why try to improve on perfection?

Errr I guess this isn’t the place to say I don’t really use the homepage? If I end up there it’s usually because I’ve pressed something by accident. I usually start on the forums (or whichever page my phone gives me as “frequent”) & pretty much navigate using the menu.

I do like the homepage, the recent activity feed has a reddit-ish vibe, I think it's great.

I second @Dianne Burke 's suggestion to have a look at the draft or mock-up.

What I really do not like on webpages are giant flashplayers like slide show galleries that take up a lot of bandwith and memory. Everybody else has them and I do not appreciate them a t a l l. I know that I can toggle the plugin but content is not giant close-ups of paperclips, or posing in front of brand-new paints on spotless desks acting painting. PS has the most i n t e n s e content of any scrap site I have been to. Keep focusing on your rad content, maybe some simple gridding and boxing can do the job to highlight visually what is already there content-wise.

Like Kat, I don't see the home page constantly, either. I tend to come straight to the forums or the graphics page. I do check it out when I a notification comes up, though.

I wouldn't mind having two separate tabs - one to see recent projects uploaded and one to see recent graphics uploaded. I often come to the homepage after I've uploaded a project so that I can comment on other recently uploaded projects. Perhaps the graphics tab could have the most popular kits etc and the projects tab could have recent challenges or challenge layouts? The "What's New" section does catch my eye, and I use the short cut to this month's blog train, but I rarely look at the side columns otherwise.

I like the home page as it is

Hi! This is kind of random and small, but I would love to be able to go back and retroactively check the "did you achieve your creative goals today?" box. It's a fun feature. I have actually been really productive creatively lately but forget to check the box most days. Whoops!

I like it as it is

I love it as is but I would add a box with a simple preview of recently active forum pages. Maybe do a box for recent uploads on the side instead of the main activity feed.

General: Maybe larger text (Use at least a 12-point font on all web pages) or a darker color than the grey (Grey has a very low contrast to the white background). It might be helpful to add some other accessibility features to your site to avoid problems for older users or people with disabilities as well, such as image descriptions, page titles, and language attributions for screen readers.

I agree with Bina about the large flash players and slide show galleries. PLZ don't add anything like that. smiley

Thank you for asking our input! Love your site!

I like the page as it is

I like the homepage as is, but an addition of a preview of current active forum pages (as Stephanie said above) would be nice. A preview of the blog train on the homepage too? Not essential though as the homepage is easy to understand and navigate as is.

I like the current page as well - I guess people are used to the layout and know how to find everything that they want.

I would like you to move the search box on the home page. Right now it is covered up by the blog tab. Otherwise, I like the home page like it is.

The homepage search box is visible and accessible fine via Firefox 85.02

...thiz eNtire site ... homepage to ... > search ... to sharing n' having fun iz juzt SWELL thE way it iz ... sO many echOez of thanX n' jOy ~ juzt me ~

I like it the way it is smiley

I like the home page too.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone! Appreciated!

Think the home page is good just put less 'What's new' so we don't have to scroll so much. Also, the link for the CU blog train goes to a train from 2018, so if the links are updated.

@Megan Scott: I think that is a cookie, Megan smiley It works fine for me with Safari, Chrome and FF linking to the Feb 2021 BT.

I removed the old image she was talking about smiley

Keep it the same as it was, please.