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Thank you so much for all the freebies Carole! I love the bookshelves and know just where I'm going to use them!

More freebies. Here are three flowers made from individual ribbons with a script.

You can grab that sampler HERE.

Since 2020 has been a pretty particular year, how about dating your photos or your projects with these datestamps?

Get the whole set HERE.

Someone contacted me last week. She saw a $100 add-on tool for Photoshop that would help create seamless patterns for fabric, paper and other backgrounds. She wondered if anything like that existed for PaintShop Pro. As far as I knew, nothing existed, so I coded a script to do exactly that. So with the script, one can create a really seamless pattern with any kind of designs, and the user can tweak the placement of the individual elements until it looks the way they want. So, I created a holiday sampler with that script: a seamless tile that you can use on any background, in any size.

I was so happy for that suggestion!
You can grab that holiday tile HERE.

Do you have a favorite drink and you want some elements to embellish your layout?

These are preset shapes so you can use them in any size you want without losing quality. You can then customize them by changing the color, but also by filling them with other colors!
Grab them HERE, at the bottom of the blog post.

Thank you

It is time for the holidays, so this week freebie is a set of 5 lacy angels, in png format.

You can grab them HERE.

In December, our featured freebie is a set of Christmas cards made from "ribbon trees".

You can download those 5 cards HERE.

The ribbon trees are so cool Carole! Thank you for the great idea!

Pretty! Thanks

You're always so generous with your gifts, Carole! Merci beaucoup!

Oh, I have been a bit lazy in posting my freebies. At least, they are not time-limited!

Here is the next one is a row of pompom trims. I colorized it with rainbow colors (although the ones in the store are monochrome but you can create them as long as you want as they are Picture Tubes for PSP).

You can grab those on this post.

This freebie is a template that you can use with your own photo.

You can grab this one on this post.

This freebie is a set of days of the week. The technique used is like a ghost shadow where you get the shadows but it is hidden by the "invisible" element. It creates wonderful title elements and you can apply that to any background and it won't overpower or hide anything.

You can grab those days in this post.

This time, the script is supposed to turn any photo into a text painting, and since I cannot really give you a photo turned into text painting, I created a set of digits with that technique.

It will allow you to add some dates in a subtle way. Grab them on this blog post.

This is a script that will create projection lights from any text. Of course, colourful text will yield the best result. You can use any text, any font, any color. I created samples using the seasons of the year with gradients that matched those times.

You can grab them here.

These two frames are made with my latest crochet lace picture tubes. I turned them to round frames, and inserted a straight ribbon through the loops. Everything is left unmerged so the user can colorize each one separately. It is in .pspimage format so only PSP users can use them. If you need/want them in psd, I can do it for you.

Grab them here.

Thank you

This week, I created a script that will generate various seamless line patterns to use for background papers. Each tile is seamless but can still be tweaked in many different ways to get even more possible results.

I ran the script and generated a dozen seamless designs. I kept four for a freebie.

The tiles are in .pspimage (since they are unmerged layers). But if someone needs them in psd format, just let me know.
You can get them on the blog.

Thanks a lot!

How do you like to paint Mandalas? Get your free one on the blog. I created it using the Mandala script

You can download it here.

If you like to post notes and memos on your page, you can do that in any shape. I created digit in cork so you can add memos from any year,

Get this set of digits on the blog.

And after a few years of THINKING about it, I was able to code a script that will give random dripping paint on any image, shape or text.
I created a simple alpha with gradients and dripping paint. Those colors should allow you to use them in so many projects.

Grab them on the blog.

Four our March themed blog post, everything is about self-care. How about a nice bubble bath?
You can download this complete alphabet made of bubbles.

You can get them on this page. Scroll to the bottom of the blog post (and have a peek at all the nice layouts about self-care)

Adorable, Carole! Thank you very much! smiley

A new month means a new theme on my Campus blog and also a new freebie.
This is a full alphabet made of animal fur (no animal was hurt in the process!)

You can get it after scrolling through the beautiful layouts on display on this post.

Who can say they have enough ribbons in their stash?
This is a script that will create up to 20 different ribbons (6 different patterns) using your color palette. The freebie is a set of 14 ribbons generated with a single run. All the ribbons are using the same color palette so they all match.

You can get them on the store blog.

Thank you so much! smiley

Another fun freebie for spring. Here is a complete alphabet made of purple flowers and foliage.

You can get it on the blog: