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Poki, thank you SO MUCH for taking the time and effort to put these in png format for me! You are so thoughtful! smiley

You are very welcome! I started out in Corel Paint Shop Pro ... it had a lot of abilities that I enjoyed, but after I "fell in love" with template I had to change to PhotoShop Elements! I've packaged July gifts, and all of the templates have PNG files included!

Poki, there's no reason not to use both if you have both. I bounce back and forth between ArtRage, Illustrator, Photoshop, Inkscape, Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, and Krita, depending on what I'm making. Maybe your system is to design elements and clusters in PSP, but use PSE for creating templates?

Thank you, thank you, thank you! smiley

Hey, Poki, just letting you know I posted my pages from your png templates in your folder on Facebook. Thanks again! If you'd be willing to do the other two templates, that would be awesome! But I understand if you don't get around to it. It's not top priority, obviously.

I actually did the other two and made new links but I guess I never put the links with PNG files onto my FB posts!

Template Tuesday June 16

Template Tuesday June 23

I started July with a little patriotic something ... be sure to check it out, and follow projects by poki FB to catch all of my newest gifts.

fb link to Wordart Wednesday gifts

fb links to Template Tuesday gifts

fb link to Designer gifts

More coming next week!

Sweet! Thanks!

Absolutely awesome, Poki, many thanks! smiley

Temp 3, using papers and elements from LDrag Designs.

Temp 4, using papers from ADBDesigns.

Awesome Lisel!

Thanks, Saskia!

Very nice. Thank you

Phyllis, just letting you know that on your website when I try to comment to thank you for your gifts, it doesn't allow comments. If that's how you designed it to be, then disregard this! LOL! Anyway, THANK YOU for your gifts! Many *heart*s!

You can leave comments at my Projects by poki FB page - I was getting lots of SPAM comments on the blog, so I blocked all comments there!

Thank you so much for sharing, you are very talented. Happy holidays!!!

Ok! Just wasn't sure, thank you! smiley

It`s really great!