Blending Papers with the Gradient Tool

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Blending Papers with the Gradient Tool

In this tutorial I will show you how to blend two digital papers together with the gradient tool in Photoshop.

The current gradient tool in Photoshop CC is a little complicated, so I suggest watching the video to get the best idea of what I'm doing.

I've already added the papers I want to blend together in my Photoshop canvas.

Next, find your gradient tool, which may be hiding under your paint bucket. Hold down on the paint bucket image to get the flyout menu to choose the gradient tool.

Create a new layer and click on the gradient picture in the top menu bar.

To get a transparent gradient like we want for this the color doesn't matter. Use the boxes on the top of the gradient bar to set the opacity at one end to 0%

Now you're ready to make your gradient in your empty layer. Drag from top to bottom and your gradient will appear. Clip one of your papers to the gradient and you'll have a fun blended look!

Thank you Marisa!

Thanks, Marissa, that was a bit I've been trying to figure out on my own!

Thanks for this, Marisa! I tried it out in PSE for the page I worked on today, and it was the perfect touch.

Hum, very cool idea. Now to figure out how to do this in PSP. I am a Corel user.

Thanks Marisa. I don't have photoshop, but I love the principle, so I will see if I can work it out for my software. I'm enjoying learning new things from you.

Thanks, Marisa! This is awesome - I've learned so much from your videos!

Thank you will be trying this out...

Thank you, Marisa! Hopefully I can translate this into PSP!

I found this works in PSP. Open the two papers you want to blend as two separate layers of one image. Then add a new mask layer on top and click Hide All. Flood fill the mask layer with a black and white gradient. You can modify the effect by playing with the gradient. Then merge all the layers together and save as a new paper.

Thanks for this Marissa, something to play with smiley

Nice! Thanks I've made it with Photoshop Elements smiley

תודה רבה על ההדרכה!

Very cool! Thank you!

Sweet tut, thanks! smiley

smiley Thank you

Great tutorial - I will have to try this out in PSE

Thank you! I am using Affinity and can usually follow along. Appreciate the lesson.

Nice tutorial, thank you for this!

I have Adobe Elements and Adobe CS5, so will give it a try in those programs. Thank you so much. smiley

Great tutorial thank you. I have a question not related to the tutorial but how did you get your gradients in folders?

Thanks a lot for this tutorial!

This is sooo helpful.
Thank you for sharing.