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I am pretty new at this tried it several times over the years but never had the time to really finish a book
now i have a chromebook is there a program/app you can recommend for working with layers
or some other tips for doing scrapbooking with a chromebook
thanks so much

I have used Google Slides myself (I did a video on YouTube for digital scrapbooking on a Chromebook using Slides/Drawings - the thumbnail of my video is a close-up picture of my son)

I'm not 100% sure if it works, I will have to have a look myself but the app "Over" I use on my phone but am wondering if it will work on a Chromebook smiley I will have a play, later on, to see for myself as I know there are also some browser-based that I haven't fiddled with in a while!

You can get the Project Life app though as well.


thank you i will look those up smiley

I use the site Photopea when editing/making graphics. It's similar to Photoshop with way fewer options.

Sorry I didn't come back and update sooner! The browser based editor was called "Pixlr"
It seems they now have 2 versions of the software, and at a brief glance I'd say "Pixlr E" would be more suitable, but it has changed a lot since I last played with it.