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Wonderful. I think the new domain name will be a positive change! Thank you for the advance notice, and for all the work you do to make our experience here the best it can be.

Exciting news, thank you for a wonderful site!

Good Luck and thank you, not only for the positive news, but for all the hard work and hours that goes on behind the scenes, that maybe some people don't realise goes on.

Congratulations on the new upcoming domain change. It should be a blg plus in search engine placement!

Thanks so much for the heads up, and best of luck with all the back-end work that looks, but isn't, easy!

Wow! Exciting news. Thanks for the heads up and I look forward new changes. smiley

Thanks for all the support!

Sorry for not being active on the site for some time...school, life, daughter's marriage, etc, etc...these are the priorities right now. Anyway, well done on the upcoming changes. Its good for you, then good for the community. Wishes for the site to grow & expand & bring in more success.
Thank you, PS team, for all your efforts & hard work that goes into maintaining a site like this. Thank you also for all your generosity & thoughtfulness towards the community.
Hope to be more active in a few months (June - August) when summer vacation comes up!

Thank you for all you do, I love coming here, and hope to do so more often this year... You all make this an amazing site!

I think you made a good decision with that domain. Looking forward to it.

Good move! Thanks for all your hard work!

I'm a little late to the update. I pulled up the bookmark tab and my login info didn't pop up. That was when I noticed the website address had changed. I almost didn't remember the details to sign in, but luckily I did. Will the Pixel Scrapper name be dropped? The new domain makes more sense, but knowing me, I'll still refer to to it as Pixel Scrapper. Perhaps, "formerly known as Pixel Scrapper" should be added to my vocabulary. smiley

@Katherine: We will likely start to refer to the site as DigitalScrapbook.com primarily (and in our logo, etc.). But we will keep a reference to Pixel Scrapper there for a while, so people aren't confused. And you are welcome to continue to refer to us as Pixel Scrapper. smiley