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ouch - my dl link was wrong yesterday - this is what happens when you post a freebie watching lollapalooza broadcast, lol. It´s fixed now, thanks Cinthia for the warn!

WOW... great stuffs! I sometimes had to "figure out" how to download the goodies, but did get them! There were two sites I could not get to work correctly, not sure who's but here they are and what happened when I tried to download. Maybe the sites were just busy or something. When I clicked Add to Cart button it took me to Page not found. I tried several times and it relentlessly took me to the same spot. Links to me to download page on Google Docs and the Open With and Download options appeared briefly but then the page grayed out and could do nothing. Again, I tried several time with the same results. I tried waiting for it to come back to where it would be clickable again, but it may have been busy and I didn't wait long enough.

I will try them again, later.

Great job, ladies!!!

Thanks everyone! This was an awesome train. I'm still visiting some blogs I've missed along the way. Great job done by all!

thanks for de wonderfulle blogtrain....

Yes I am a little slow riding the train this month but I have a houseful of guests and no end in sight!! I have been frantically trying to pop in and look at everyones' designs. I am not sure if I got to you all in the end but if I didn't I appologise and blame my relatives smiley The kits are fabulous - I love how different they are! I hope I thanked everyone I downloaded from but Harriet and Cynthia do not have blogs so I am leaving them a special Thank You here for 2 fabulous kits!! Well done to all participants and organisers!!

just a heads up to everyone: I've changed my blog's name and address so the links to Modern Age Martha no longer work so you can get to the blog train here or visit my blog at it's new address Simply Sharilynn

Bless you, Mersija! I was looking for something exactly like this. You are a darling to put this together. I like to copy the list into a Wordpad file, and then use it to keep track of each part that I'm able to download. My internet connection has been really iffy for several months now as we move into hurricane season, and the frequency of thunderstorms, heavy rains, high winds, etc., increases.

My phone line hasn't been good since Easter 2011 anyway, which is when heavy rains softened the earth enough to cause the pole carrying our lines to fall. Fortunately, a huge mango tree stopped its fall. Unfortunately, it must have hit the mango tree with considerable force because the pole literally snapped in half, like a giant breaking a toothpick! Since then, I've had so much static, high-pitched whining noises, deep hums, etc., on my line that it's often impossible to hear anyone who might call.

And the Internet has been slow, slow, slow, sometimes as slow as 5kb/sec to 17kb/sec. The average used to be 67kb/sec. I know it's terrible of me, but the wait times to download files -- especially really large files -- is soooo long (up to 45 minutes for a 50MB file) -- that I don't always leave thanks like I know I should. Please forgive me for doing this; however, I spend so much time at this computer already what with the freelance editing jobs I do that I have very little time leftover for scrapping and, yes, collecting.

BTW, the blog trains this month are amazing, and I appreciate the efforts and artistry of each and every one of the incredible designers -- especially the lovely designers at Pixel Scrapper! -- who spend so much time creating beautiful papers, embellishments, alphabets, etc., for us to use in creating our layouts, cards, hybrids, etc., and I will do my best to leave a note of thanks to each one of the amazing people who contributed to the Pixel Scrapper At the Beach BT!

I called the help desk for the umpteenth time yesterday. I don't know what the young man did, but I had download speeds last night up to 197kb/sec!!! So I am taking advantage at this rare break in the weather and the faster download speeds to get as much done as I can before the next deluge comes! Thank you again for making this list, and thanks to everyone who contributed to this charming blog train. You know, of course, that beach, ocean, tropical, and kits with similar themes are near and dear to my heart, living on an island in the Caribbean as I do. smiley

Hi Dawn,

The first sentence in your post caught my eye ... I am totally sympathetic to your present plight. I don't get many houseguests, living as far away as I do and airfares being so high, but my oldest granddaughter, who recently graduated from high school, is coming for a week-long visit on August 13th. Yikes!!! I've been cleaning and de-cluttering my tiny one-room apartment like mad in anticipation of her visit. I am really looking forward to this wonderful opportunity to get to know her better once I have her all to myself! We are going to have a lot of fun kayaking in Salt River Bay, hiking in the rainforest, visiting local sites, dancing at various musical events, etc. After she goes home, my old bones will probably have to lie in bed a week to recuperate! smiley


Thank you, ladies, for all the wonderful gifts. This has been a SUPER blog train!

Kinsey, where do you live?! You may be pretty close to off the grid, but that sounds like heaven to me!

Hey Sharilynn, thanks for the update. Did Martha Stewart's empire come down on you smiley ? You might want to make a post on your freebies thread too, in case anyone tries to find you that way.

Haha the empire didn't come down on me but I figured I should change it to something different to avoid any messes with the name later. So I figured just Simply Sharilynn would do well enough on it's own, my name is unique enough so it stands out a bit. smiley

And thank you for reminding me about the freebies post!

@Kinsey wow,what a dilemma you have.Hope it all works out for you sweetie and your very welcome for the blog train list,i knew it would be helpful to some.I enjoy visiting all the blogs tho,i love to see all the awesome creativeness some of the ladies have on their blogs and i enjoy collecting some beautiful kits also.
I pray you have a very Blessed time with your grand daughter!!

Why do you live in the Caribbean far from home?

Cindy, did you finally get my downloads? I just read this so didn't realize there was a problem. Let me know if you haven't gotten it.

Was looking at all the previews & you girls did a fantastic job! Can't wait to d/l your train parts (I'm a bit behind, with back-to-school and all)... Tyvm in advance!!

I just had a chance to look through the post on the August BT, and I am blown away at how the same colors can be used in so many different looks. I'm looking forward to seeing what every one comes up with for the Oct BT.

TYVM for all the fantastic goodies, all of you did it again, awesome BT. Love all the vintage things, the papers, the WA. I was a little late collecting all fantastic kits, but I found all, thank God. smiley

Thanks. Thanks so much to each designer who contributed to the Blog Train.

Well, I am sorry that it has taken me so long to get this to you (and it's not as much as I would have liked). For now, it's not live on my blog - I just don't have the time yet. BUT, I DO have paper pack 1 of what I had planned on contributing to the blog train on my Google Drive. I was able to get some time to remake it. I hope to be able to do the others, but I don't know yet. And I am sorry that I was not able to participate as planned. smiley

Oh, and the papers are still CU4CU.

THIS link should get you there. :)

Nice to see your face here again, Mollie. Thanks for the papers.

Thanks for sharing Mollie!

Just wanted to say that you girls are amazing! I looked through the thread and just love what you all created...thank you for posting and sharing. Wow some day I'd love to be able to create a kit too - just so inspiring!

Thank you to all the designer that took part in the blog train. I appreciate your talents, time and efforts that you so lovingly share with us. I especially thank the designers that still have their offerings up for download at this late date, because there will always be people that join the party at a late date like myself. Many of us late comers are brand new and love the gifts that help us get started free or at an acceptable cost. Thanks again, and you are all wonderful.

I realise this isn't a current blog train, but I just wanted to thank the many designers who still have their parts to this blog train available for download. I was still able to download the work of 16 designers, and they are all beautiful!